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Reptilian Type Race

Height: 6'8"-8'2"
Weight: 150-300 lbs
Lifetime 70-80 years

Male left and female right.
Though they appear reptilian, they are warm-blooded mammals. Uh... that is all. 
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They're adorable

Ben-J-Kirby-Tennyson's avatar
These two are awesome. I love their colors, his collarbone things and hip spikes, and her sex appeal.
pookiesaurus4's avatar
Bro, how many arms does a lizard need?
Ben-J-Kirby-Tennyson's avatar
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Probably one of the most dangerous species in the universe.
Tattorack's avatar
Awesome looking alien species! :la:
Wait wait wait wait.... Reptiles, right? Than how are they mammals!? :stare:
Ben-J-Kirby-Tennyson's avatar
They resemble reptiles.
Tattorack's avatar

I can see that.

Hey, I was wondering if you'd let me make use of this picture for a species in a Roleplay? I would of course give you full credit, via sourcing and such, and I feel like or could be pretty cool for the world!
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Holy crap, these are so cool. I want one so bad. ;u; Do you do adopts, or anything like that?
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would fit great in a game.
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You should be extremely proud of this. SO original! I'm in love with these designs!!
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Can i make a request.
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I'm not accepting requests right now, sorry.
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I can't tell if they have mouths. But if they don't, how do they eat?
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Awesome aliens.  Very creative!Heart Nod 
GenevieveMeuniere's avatar
I love how you draw the muscles on the chest =)
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It must've hard to live with such long and thin thorns on the palms of hands...
dolphindude23's avatar
It's like human wisdom teeth or tonsils
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