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Miner Alien
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Published: August 2, 2014
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Back in the day I had this concept that was way more interesting that this, so I made it way less interesting.

Height: 5'7"-6'8"
Weight: 140-300 lbs
Lifetime 75-100 years

So this guy comes from a race of predominantly miners that spend copious amounts of time underground gathering resources. The idea is that the surface is hostile and high temperature and its much cooler in the caves and shaded areas where plants, animals, and shelter are abundant.

As a result of sustained time spent underground and near caves, the have some adaptations that allow them to function better in the absence of light. Those six little knobs above their eyes are sort of like infrared LIDAR - they emit and receive infrared light beams which help them perceive their surroundings despite little to no light. Their "eyes" see full spectrum, dipping into the infrared and extending slightly into the UV but not by much.

The hanging cords on the back of their heads are laced with pheromone receptors and electroreceptors which allow them to scent out possible threats and allies far away, as well as detect communicate using silent electromagnetic impulses. They do talk, however, just prefer not to when caving.

They are gentle and soft spoken creatures, but they work nonstop. They look down upon anyone that doesn't help the community. They are "monogamous" - they pair up and then those pairs will group up with other pairs. The pairs tend to remain, although they are not static within the family. This can allow a sterile individual to essentially have children. The groups raise each other's young as their own.

This strapping male has experience as shown by the tattoo on his neck and head, and the scars across his chest from close brushes with death. Each line on the tattoo represents a rank that he has earned in their society and the circles are an indication of his marital status. He is an expert and highly regarded for his mastery of many skills.
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