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Aella: Night Witches

By gckatz
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Dwindling sun, day fades away,
Once more an order calls us to our planes.
The veil of night is our chance,
Swallowing us from the enemy's eyes.

Low we fly on our frail wings,
Duty inspiring such courage in us!
Sky-blue birds take their course—
Delivering its cargo no matter the cost!

Our pulse is high! Light in our eyes! Wind in our wings!
In female hands the steel helm warms with love of the Motherland.
And let the enemy know fear—we will not become a handful of dust;
For now the dream lives in our hearts. I know what is worse than death.

Our target looms--bombs away!
All is engulfed in a circle of fire!
But it's not our destiny
To return home in an unharmed body.

Equal on the battlefield:
For one a star, for another a cross.
Night Witches pay their debt for victory.
We are the Forty-Sixth Guards Regiment.

Peace returns…morning light…
Long years have silenced the terrors of war.
No page in history books,
Just girlish faces in old photographs.

So many days since the witches' nights,
Still they will live on in our memories.
What praise for they who shed their blood?
This is our anthem to those heroines!

A loose
translation of this Aella song.

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