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Yuta Teruta - Rejected Outfits

So, I was feeling really sick and went to the garage to just look around and stuff. But! I found my old high-school notebook! Wouldn't ya know it, it contained the other outfits me and my math teacher came up with her Yuta Teruta! I found a bunch more things that may have some more tid-bits of outfits, but I only found like 8, so here are the ones I thought looked coolest. Here are Yuta Teruta's Alternate Outfits! Do you like her normal, finalized design? Or perhaps you like one of these lost ones better? Let me know which design you like best!

Special thanks to :iconjoraglove: Joraglove A.K.A. Matinee for the actual drawing of Yuta Teruta! I only did the terrible coloring.
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Funny how you have your teachers help you with your stories. Especially containing explicit language.
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Oh, actually, she didn't help me "write it", per say. She DID however get me on track to write what I love and to love what I write; she also helped me out with a few of the characters, as well as helping me understand how complex and utterly complicated fetishes can be. I have a lot to thank her for, but she didn't help me write it, she just wanted me to get started. This was a LONG time ago, back in Middle School!
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Do you still keep in touch with her? She seems too awesome not to go back and thank her for everything. Besides I'm sure she'd be glad to see how many people love your stories :)
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Sadly no. WAY back then, I had her Myspace OH DEAR GOD I'M OLD. AW GOD. OOOHHH GEEZ I'M OLD.

Anyways, Technically I have her Myspace, but she deactivated it once people at school knew what she did in her past. I like to think she's on DA secretly reading my series, smiling at what she's made. But oh well, out of sight, still in mind for me.
Herculeska's avatar
You could go back to the school... Even if she doesn't work there anymore there's got to be someone there who knows what happened to her. (Besides, it's a common thing at us for students to visit their old teachers in less busier days of the year)

Hope everything get's better for you and that you'll manage to meet her again some day.
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I'm liking the middle left and right. They have an interesting contrast, but I like the middle left more. I also think the upper left is pretty sweet, too. However, I'm sticking with the final. It just fits her personality like a glove.
Gchris5523's avatar
Yeyeye, there's more!
Winningman56's avatar
Im not oppsed to either of the top two rows or the bottom right.
Gchris5523's avatar
Yeah, the bottom right seems to be the best recepted one.
Winningman56's avatar
Its most similar to the one she has currently I think.
Gchris5523's avatar
Is it really? How so?
Winningman56's avatar
I think the colors most resemble it...
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50 Shades Of Yuta...sorry I just had to say it.

Wow, those are different and they each surprisingly work well with each other.

Is it weird that the Yellow jacket one stands out to me, even though it's garish and the colours remind me of peppers.

Top left: Looks like a bee as in "don't come the f near me"
Top right: Pastel jacket amongst the outburst of red that is the top, works well
Middle left: pastel tones work together
Middle right: see description above
Bottom left: reminds me of a cowboy
Bottom right:...I don't know, the white shorts feel weird to me
Gchris5523's avatar
Ooh, nice! Her standard outfit now is supposed to reflect- actually, I'll keep it a sekret for now, in case I make a part two of the Q&A
GiantGirlsLtd's avatar
Your pause made me confused, Baka

If you do that-that if for a sudden occurance...I don't think I spelt that right XD
Oh-Nara's avatar
As for looks, I am a really big fan of the bottom right. But that's something that I would wear, and I couldn't really imagine Yuta wearing it. It's hard to explain, but her best outfit for her personality is the final design. Still though, I love the neutral colored jacket and the white and black contrast on that bottom right one
Gchris5523's avatar
Aw thanks man! It's alright, she wears some really cool things!
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