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Yuta Teruta Rejected Outfits 2

Yeeeaahhh, so I tried relaxing so I could feel better, but alas, not everyday can go without illness taking a hold of you. So since I couldn't rest and feel better, I thought I would go through my folder and do a bit of nostalgic reading; hot damn! I found a TON of different doodles of outfits for Yuta Teruta! For Akura, Grace and the other characters of Forceful, I usually put myself in the shoes of them and see what they would wear based on their personalities, likes and dislikes, and their past. Yuta, however, was a bit different... She was special in a certain way.

Going over my notes was actually a very nice feeling and it nearly made me cry... I know this is going to sound really cheesy and dumb, but it a simpler time. No fighting, no illness like this, and at least a bit of joy back home. It also got me thinking about how lucky I was to know someone like my teacher back then, and one of the reasons Yuta has SO MANY different designs was because-

A) She the most complex character in the series.


B) My teacher really liked her; like a LOT! As in, more than some students she had!

It sounds messed up, but kind of funny. In total, I went over the list and doodles, and I've counted 5 pages worth consisting of 26 different variations for Yuta Teruta's outfits; some of them don't even have her wearing her iconic red sports jacket! Believe it or not, there was actually a variation of Yuta where she wore a leather "Biker-esque" jacket with Japanese characters (The letterings, not actual characters) on the back. But I don't know, would you guys like to see more variations of Yuta's outfits? I only uploaded these because I'm just so damn sick and tired of home, man. No matter how far I get I just can't seem to get away from it. But hey, what are you going to do.
So hey, is there an outfit you like of hers on this page? Would you like to see more of her variations? If you liked it and want to see more, let me know. I can't write right now, not really up for it. If you're reading this, you probably read the whole thing, and thanks for that! Or maybe you just averted your eyes to this last sentence, in which case; Hello!  : D

Special thanks goes to :iconjoraglove: Joraglove A.K.A. Matinee for the actual drawing of Yuta Teruta! I only did the terrible coloring.
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DAMN IT CHRIS...I only just found this as...IT LOOKED EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE FIRST IN MY MESSAGES, so I couldn't tell the difference.

The middle left kinda reminds me of Mc Donald's.

The others are similar to the last lot in terms of colour variation, except the middle right, which is kinda cute and pastel.

Also you should upload the biker Yuta...just because I want to see it, since no one else wants it :(
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also, I don't have picture of biker yuta, it was just ideas I wrote down on the notebook i had
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It's fine.

It sounds epic...wish I could draw XD
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Whoa, dat middle left doe. 

And it's okay to cry man; memories can be overwhelming sometimes. I really hope that one day, you and those dearest to you can all be happy together.
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You like the middle left one? Sweet; I had thought of an inner-outer colored jacket and thought it looked cool back then.

Thanks man, it DOES indeed help man.
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If you want I could make another one for you, gypsy! (way better than this piece of crap drawing I made Icon popo by YiyiArt025  )
I'm now sketching some shit before moving on to the comms, so I could make your gurl again since you're a prime homie of the page. Ok, Gaga by Brunabady  
Gchris5523's avatar
omg i love you so much bae, i never asked cause I thought you was busy getting money AND hoes. But if you can make another sketch, I need you to make a different gurl of mine, pls. And yeah, Prime Homie of the page 4lyfe. Voting and commenting and feedback yo Thanks man
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Ah, nothing like a wave of nostalgia to show you how far you've come.
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Yeah, it's strange. Nostalgia brings back happy memories for me, so it's nice to revisit it once in a while.
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Give me a virtual hug, Chris.
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