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WHOA. SO Sorry for the wait on this one! If you don't know, a liiiittle over a year ago (I think lol basically, just a long time ago! SORRY) I put up a poll (I believe) for who was the "Best Girl" in Persona 5, and the person I kinda like the LEAST ended up winning: Makoto! So, I said whoever had won, I would try to write a story about, trying my best to keep the story into the canon as much as I could. So, this is the result of that! I spent TOO much time on working on the story because this is only gonna have like 2 parts (maybe 3) to it, and there are OTHER multi-parters that haven't been completed, FFS but yeah. This story takes place a few years after the game-- NOT Persona 5 Royal cause there's no way I can play it.

Oh, and please practice AND preach whats going on in the news; stay calm and keep to yourselves indoors, please. Stay safe everyone, and please stay healthy!
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JackColiski's avatar

It's a pleasure being the 100th favorite for this. Your set-up is great and love the sexy factor here. Well done.

PiPoske's avatar

Ever plan on writing a follow up to this?

multiple-beans's avatar

Woah! This is so well made! I love this so far! My only complaint is that the lack of spacing/indents makes it kinda hard to read the dialogue in the beginning of this.

Dude where you been? Glad your back!

Gchris5523's avatar
Haha, hello there~ Thanks for the welcoming! I actually decided to take a bit of a break for my mental and personal reasons and let my head clear by staying away from social media. I would DEFINITELY say it worked, so that's good! Now that I feel like I'm well enough to resume writing and jump back, but easing into the swing of things, I wanted to make some more writings that, hopefully, people will enjoy~
LemonScented2's avatar

Gee, I wonder who you dated on your play through. I went with Haru. She's just too nice and adorable and I love her SO much. Plus she reminds me of my IRL girlfriend too.

Gchris5523's avatar
What?! XD actually I went with Takemi! Haru would've been my 2nd choice- I DO like Ann, but I actually really like her personality as kind of a "friend", its really weird for me to explain LOL. I actually don't really like Makoto in Persona 5, but I asked in a poll: "Which of the Phantom thieves should I write a fart story about?" And she got the majority of the votes in both comments and DM's.

And lucky you for having a girl like Haru! If she's like her like you say she is, I'm sure she's a very genuine, sweet and nice gentle person, I hope you two are very happy with each other, and I wish you both the best in the future! ^-^
nintendofusion13's avatar
Woah! As Persona 5 is like my favorite game EVER, you REALLY captured the writing style and characterization of the game! To be honest, I normally don't fully read fetish stories that much, but you kept me interested and engaged the whole way through, and it was really well written! Looking forward to the next part, you did an amazing job!
AzureTornadoKick93's avatar
Well damn. That was pretty good. A really killer way to come back. Heck this is my first time reading something Non-Forceful related. And I really understood your mentality in the story quite well. You leave the fetish bits for a specific point in the story to make it worth it. And you understood the universe quite well, and not go completely OOC like some fetish stories do. You want the pay-off to be enjoyable, have the interaction make sce- Okay, now I am rambling. Anyways, good job bro.

If you are good with P5 it makes me curious how you'd handle the other Female Confidants one day. Or past Social Links. Or hell, other series.

Anyway, great job, stay safe, and sorry for the mini critique. 
DatboiEnder115's avatar
YO BRO, THIS IS EPIC, MAKOTO IS AMAZING. I appreciate this work of art right here that you made. But considering there will be another part, I assume there will be other gassy girls on your list or are you still sticking to the element of Makoto being the farty sexy Queen she is? (no pun intended) 

Also...I missed you so much dude, we need to talk again!</s> 
CaseyB23's avatar

I loved the personal feeling of how they interact. It gifed the story so much more depth than just a fetish story. You make me wanna get back to it!

Gchris5523's avatar
Whoa, REALLY?! You really think I made the interactions... good? Got-damn, omg thank you, dude! I have been STRESSING whether or not I got the characters right when it came down to the dialogue! I loved Persona 5 but I didn't know if I would be able to do them justice, and I didn't have time to play through the game, so I wrote down some of their more memorable lines I could remember and their "Catchphrases" and shit, and got the script you just read. I'm genuinely glad I was able to make it work, even SLIGHTLY! Haha, thank you so much! And hey, if you DO get back into Persona 5, be freakin' careful! That game... will drain yet another 100+ hours of your life if you let it! XD Thanks for reading, btw!
CaraFalsa's avatar
Woah my lord this was great, nice level of attention to the personalities and story on these ones. Youve always been great at gettin into the theming and head space of the characters! 
Great to see you doin what ya love!
Gchris5523's avatar
Are you kidding me? FOR REAL?! OMG dude, thank you! Damn Daniel, I thought that maybe I flubbed it with the characters interacting, but the most praise I've gotten so far is about how good I made it seem/feel! Thanks a TON for reading, man! It seriously means a lot to hear from ya! Thank you!  ^-^

P.S. - Sorry for not messaging or nuthing! A LOT going on but I promise it'll all change REAL soon!
Sylvialovemore's avatar
Loved it. Story and characters were very well paced and performed. Overall loved it keep up the great work
Gchris5523's avatar
Hah, omg thank you dude! That means a lot to me, thanks! The characters were what I was most nervous about, so to hear that I made them work well with the story I came up with, is a genuinely great thing to hear... Thank you for reading!  ^-^
Sylvialovemore's avatar
No problem, i know how hard writing can be and how you always feel like you can do better than what you've already got. Im just glad you pushed through that obstacle and made this fine piece
SlayerFan19's avatar
Loved it! Faved!
Gchris5523's avatar
Really!? Thank you!  ^-^  I'm honored to have earned a spot in your favorite's list! Here's hoping I made an impact with this story, and hope the next part does the same for you!
Gchris5523's avatar
Aw well thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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