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Akura: "LISTEN! This right here is a story that Chris thought up while he was under super stress! See kids? Stress isn't ALWAYS bad; it's a good motivator sometimes! Anyways, Chris and I would like to know what you all think about this, and please be honest!"

Yeah, but keep in mind that this is only a little demo sort of thing, meaning that this is:

A) Only a preview of what the full thing would be like
B) This isn't part of the actual "Akura and I" story arch, so treat this as a one-off, if you'd like.

Akura: "Chris was originally gonna upload this bitch up onto the Patreon first cause he kinda needed to, but now that he's back and everything, he kind of wanted to come back strong, I suppose. NOW THEN! We both hope you enjoyed this!"

Same here; please enjoy!

oh yah, there's a Visual Novel and YouTube Episode out now haha whoops where did THIS come from

Play it here: Akura and I - Demo [-Visual Novel Link-]

Watch it here: Akura and I [Fart Fetish Demo]
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You did pretty good with this. Option 2 was pretty worth it bro. I see this having potential with Yuta or Ayumi.