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Forceful: Manga Edition - Season 2, Chapter 16

Going from a simple story, to an illustrated story, then into audio based Visual Novels, what could be more up than that? How bout a Forceful Manga~? THIS fucking outstanding, illustration of Forceful: Chapter 16 (WHooITCH you can read right hyaa: Forceful - Chapter 16 ) Was drawn by the amazing ProButtonMasher ! YEAH. IT'S AMAZING, isn't it? And to think, he just HAD THIS lying around! X3c He's awesome, so go fuckiNG WATCH HIM AND THANK HIM! ^-^

A Forceful Manga? What's next...... an Anime~? LOL You wish~ If only though, right? More Manga Editions could be strung to make a full blown Manga, wouldn't it? Well, here's the first step! Damn...... these girls are gonna make it big maybe, we'll see~

Chapter 16 has been edited to include this scene in the story~ Enjoy.
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He even has the printer scan things. Wow.
Is it weird that I would legit watch a Forceful anime?
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No way! I've been told that Forceful would actually do really damn well as an Anime, but I wouldn't really know because I don't watch it, but hey, if ever given the chance in life, I'd totally do it~ Why not give it a chance? Maybe someday lol
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Don't forget to wish them a happy birthday too!
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We did! Don't ya worry, we gave him a note saying Happy Birthday haha
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Very nice to hear!~
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