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FUUUUUUCK her play. Sorry if I sound like a douche because I’m totally being a douche, but if I were to chose between getting my face sat and gassed vs attending the play of a girl I literally just met three days ago...I mean c’mon who wouldn’t bullshit their way out of the play 😅. But I would indeed buy a gift or make it up to her immediately.

Then again irl I’d likely be dubious of Yuta because it could just be a set up to make a fool outta me 👀

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And thus the plot thickens... :sherlock:
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X3 Yes it does! Have you been enjoying the series so far~? I'd like to hear your thoughts on it and how it's made ya feel!
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I would personally vote against this format. The chatroom style does not lend itself particularly well to writing, as it really detracts from the immersion factor. In my opinion, the timestamps do not add much to the substance of the story. I do like what you did with putting the character's writing in different font though, that is always a nice touch.

I noticed your style focuses almost entirely on dialogue. This is definitely unique, but really limits you. Remember that dialogue can be easily mixed in with descriptors, such as explaining the manner in which the person spoke.
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Thank you so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it.

Yes, my style is very dialogue - heavy and character driven, but I feel that writing dialogue is my strength, so I focus on it. I also focus on it because I believe heavily in the following: If you have a fantastic story with weak and uninteresting characters, then it feels boring. On the flip side, take a boring story and add in 3 dimensional characters, then it becomes engaging. I hope you have enjoyed my content so far, cause I have to take a short break from writing for the time being.