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omgiknowright? Hey, I was going to wait until my "2-year anniversary" to upload this, but I'm pretty sure you're not suppossed to celebrate your anniversary every year, so this is just me working a lil' extra hard to get this out for you guys~ THE CHAPTER, I MEAN! Stop thinking so dirty ffs

*NOTE: Visual Novel appears to not work on Macs; I'm working hard to find a solution to this, I promise!

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Alright, time for my first Critique! Anywho, I think that it was very well done! It showed more personality of the "new girl" and she seems to fit right it! It also brings the wonderful Yuta back in to the story, and it shows that she has changed since she met Makoto, it even showed a flashback! It was a very nice read, and I can't wait to see more to come! But just in my opinion, I think the flash back was a bit too long, and took up a lot of the story, but hey! It still rocked!