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omgiknowright? Hey, I was going to wait until my "2-year anniversary" to upload this, but I'm pretty sure you're not suppossed to celebrate your anniversary every year, so this is just me working a lil' extra hard to get this out for you guys~ THE CHAPTER, I MEAN! Stop thinking so dirty ffs

*NOTE: Visual Novel appears to not work on Macs; I'm working hard to find a solution to this, I promise!

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Alright, time for my first Critique! Anywho, I think that it was very well done! It showed more personality of the "new girl" and she seems to fit right it! It also brings the wonderful Yuta back in to the story, and it shows that she has changed since she met Makoto, it even showed a flashback! It was a very nice read, and I can't wait to see more to come! But just in my opinion, I think the flash back was a bit too long, and took up a lot of the story, but hey! It still rocked!
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I know that was meant as a threat, but... 

The idea of anal sex with Yuta... :iconnosebleedplz:
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I once said this out of sheer lust and attraction. Now, I saw it out of respect and admiration. Yuta is a straight-up goddess! :iconherotimeplz:
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D'aww thank ye~
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Hey Gchris! I've been a long time fan/follower but I've stayed relatively quiet for the most part but I wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and passion in sharing your art with all of us. It doesn't go unnoticed haha, outstanding work like always and much love and support going forward.
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Awww, thank you so very much! Golly, that really means a lot to me; thanks so much for reaching out, man! I'm incredibly glad you enjoy my work, thanks again!
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Chris I love this world you have created.  I love how the characters are reacting to each other so well. And it might be a little over stepping my boundaries but do you know how far along in the story you are going to write? Or do you sit at the PC and just start writing? over all a good chapter feels like it's filler building up to something larger I dig it. 
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Aww thanks man, that means a lot! But if you're interested in how the characters are reacting to each other, you'll really enjoy the next cuppla chapters! Oh, and yeah, I've planned how what I'm going to write and how far it's going to go; the last thing I want is for the series to be considered "endless" or something, I know when to end it~
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That is awesome and i'm ready man. I come to the website for you and a couple others. But I love your work a lot! and I do like that you have a plan in your head to where it's going and how it's going to get there.  More Power to ya brother. 
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Thanks yo! I usually like to just go with the flow, but Forceful's all over the place already, but with a plan, it comes together nicely, I think~
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take your time~ long long time
i hoped for Yuta to facefart that asshole but it was good anyway :)
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It's even better in VN form! :dummy:
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Oh, thank you so very much~!
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Your welcome buddy!
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