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About time, huh? Like omg. I hope you all enjoy how Ayumi Hamasaki looks, by the way!!! Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

*NOTE: Visual Novel appears to not work on Macs; I'm working hard to find a solution to this, I promise!!! x3x

Characters drawn by: leshawk  -  Thanks forever, brother!

All fan-art will eventually make it into the Visual Novel and YouTube Episodes, so if you want it featured, please let me know!
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No way Makoto didn't pick Yuta bruh lol

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XD Sorry man, but it's true! However... there IS an AU (Alternate Universe) story I wrote where it shows what the next chapter WOULD have been like, had Makoto chosen Yuta. Unless you've already read it, would you like me to link it to ya?

BTW - Thanks for reading, man! I appreciate you giving me and my stories a chance with your time! ^-^

Wow I didn't expect you to respond hi 0_0!I love your work and yes I have read it and man,that was good.Lowkey wished it was canon loool.Cant wait to see more from the series!!

Gchris5523's avatar

Ayy no problem, man! I usually reply to any and everyone I can. Whoooo boy, if I had a nickel for each person who wanted that part to be canon, I'd have a few dollars to my name haha thanks for reading!

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Wow, Ayumi is quite cute~! :D
Gchris5523's avatar
She's is, ain't she~?
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For sure! :D

I like Akura, I adore Grace, and I'm completely besotted by Yuta. :love:

I can't wait to see more of Ayumi to get a feel for her. :aww:
Gchris5523's avatar
Hehe well I hope these next couple of chapters will help with that!
AzureTornadoKick93's avatar
This was won hell of a way to start off Season 2...a background character promoted to main character....sweet.
Gchris5523's avatar
Yeyee! Thanks so much man, glad you enjoyed! Makes it feel like the universe of the series has ALL characters seem important, and you'll never know just who might end up being what~
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It's so awesome to have you back!!
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Awwww thanks a ton, man! That really means a lot to me~  ^-^
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I LOVED it. Great fucking job man, holy shit. I missed this series. Ayumi is adorable as fuck and omg you know just how to fluster me with...ehm...that Akura scene O///O 
Gchris5523's avatar
Thanks homie! I aim to please and try to impress! Glad you not only liked it, but also missed it! That means a lot; Oh, and NP on that Akura scene! Sorry there was only one single poot in this chapter, but I hope it was a good one!
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That was awesome, gchris. ^^
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Thanks man! I'm glad you enjoyed it~!
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Chris! It was fucking great! I love the new design of the character!
Gchris5523's avatar
Awww shucks, thanks mayn~ BTW, which element are you talking about? The VN, YouTube thingy?
TheSpazzer's avatar
I saw youtube ^_^
Gchris5523's avatar
Oh sweet! I hope everything was alright with the video...?   ,':3c
TheSpazzer's avatar
It looked great! But, there was on error in the text that I spotted ;)
Gchris5523's avatar
Oh chet, really? What was it!?  ;~;
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