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Heya once again~! Man... the years it's been since I first wrote this, huh? Hehe, kinda nice to look back on it. You might be asking "Well why are you re-making the first Season when you have a perfectly good, unfinished Second season that's currently going on?" Well the answer to that can be answered 2-different ways.

1) The people on YouTube have been asking for MORE story as well as the first season instead of asking for MORE farts or anything, and I find that pretty damn flattering~

But mainly...

2) I made a journal post a while back saying how "I was going to make the BEST fart fetish VNs in the game! It's gonna have scenes, animation, better fart sound effects- EVERYTHING better and it'll be great~! You'll see!" 2 days later, Ma destroyed my computer and everything was gone, including the Visual Novel assets. So, I had been working on making them all from scratch, and so I DID. A few weeks back I finally was able to re-make them all, and the reason why I'm remaking the 1st Season was because, well... As I went back on it to read it over, I came to the conclusion I didn't really want to admit to people, but I might as well! I... didn't really have faith in the series when I was FIRST going to publish it here on DA because I didn't think it would actualy go past the first few chapters; I simply wrote as a way to escape what was going on with my life, and I liked doing it. I purposefully dumbed down the writing and dialogue and hell even parts of the personality because, simply put, I didn't think I would make it THIS fucking far... but look at the series now! Over 150 pieces of fan-art, 1 and a half Season going, Visual Novels and over a half a million views on YouTube~ It's still unreal to me the support I've gotten from people here, and I love all of ya~ 

These VNs mean a lot to me now because it's me FINALLY getting over that last hurdle of my computer, along with my drive for writing being destroyed. I've gotten through so much, and I'm sure as hell not done yet. Here's to Forceful taking over the goddamn world~

Special thanks to: leshawk / Inflationneit / Feather-Ashes / ProButtonMasher
© 2018 - 2021 Gchris5523
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AzureTornadoKick93's avatar
I am late to the party on this, but it is good to have you back...and back to your roots bro!
Gchris5523's avatar
Hehe aww thank ya kindly!
AzureTornadoKick93's avatar
Out of curiosity, if its possible does that mean the Season 1 Finale will have alternate endings?
Gchris5523's avatar
Hmm.... sounds interesting, but I think it'd also be a bit confusing for the other people who haven't read the series up to that point, you know? Like, if they choose Yuta or Akura, they might be confused as to why Makoto is with Grace in the first chapter of Season 2, so more than likely not, but maybe there can be a fun little "AU Chapter" to write! We'll see~
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YAY!!!!!! Awesome!!!
sandufabur's avatar
Great work dude :) (Smile) and great work everyone 
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I had a feeling something good was going to happen today.
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Can’t wait to see how better the remasters are if this continues :3 
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