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Eyyyyy here's the 2nd Chapter! Be honest, everyone... are the VNs/YouTube Episodes better with illustrated scenes? Cause if they are, then that's awesome! But also, that means I'll have to try and go all out from here on out! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this next chapter!

Special thanks to: leshawk / Inflationneit / Raki991 / Kuroshiro144 
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perrylegocity60134's avatar
Why does Grace remind me of Lilly from Katawa Shoujo?
Gchris5523's avatar
*Gasp*  Hmm... It's probably because she looks like, almost exactly like her! Her long blonde hair, her slender body, lovely working set of eye-.... nope. NOT making that joke. But for real, when I found out about Lilly, I went "Yeah of COURSE someone has designed a character like this" and such; Grace is basically almost like borrowing Lilly's clothes at this point LOL jk

BTW - Sorry for taking SUCH a long time to reply to you, man!
perrylegocity60134's avatar
Hmm where you be at?
JoeyHawk9500's avatar
Dude you should totally upload the rest of that first chapter. I'm very interested 
Gchris5523's avatar
Haha, thanks man! I'll see what I can do~
arielag's avatar
Amo akura !!! 
Gchris5523's avatar
Ai, muchisimos gracias!  ^-^
Kuroshiro144's avatar
AAAAAAH IT'S HERE ^w^ And oh my god, I forgot how weird my drawings look when they're flipped horizontally ^^; But still, I'm so glad to have been a part of this! It turned out awesome :)
Gchris5523's avatar
What are you talking about!   <(X3X)>  The Art looks awesome! Hehe but thanks for everything, Kuro! It really means a lot to me! If you ever need help with.... Iunno, SOMETHING lol feel free to ask!

And thanks for being a fan, it means a lot to me!  ^-^
Ninjahamster5's avatar
so is this going to be a reboot?
Gchris5523's avatar
Oh no, not a reboot! I just thought that since there were a good number of people on the YouTube asking for Season 1, I thought I would make it into VN and Episode format, you know? Besides, did you READ the first parts?! Granted, they were submitted without me knowing there would be a following who WANTED to read it, so i just wrote and submitted it without the details i first wrote into the story, so I guess its a bit of a soft redux? Basically: they're written better, as well as including some details I left out because I didn't know it would have fans, aaaand the VNs meant a lot to me, so why not make em? Sorry for the long reply! X3c
Ninjahamster5's avatar
Ah ok. also no need to apologize for the long reply, it makes a lot more sense now. I guess need to pay attention to the the little details. This should be fun either way with this series XD
Gchris5523's avatar
Aww haha thank you so much! Here's hoping the quality actually improves as I, well... write it the way it was intended! X3c But hey, regardless, thanks for reading/playing/watching, man!
Ninjahamster5's avatar
Hey it's always top quality with your stuff :)
Gchris5523's avatar
Why thank you so much! I give it as much as I can~ Glad you enjoy!
SlayerFan19's avatar
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait for more of these to come!!
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