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Hello everyone, how's it been? Once again, after suddenly just up-and-leaving out of nowhere for what seems like the 100th time, I figured I could at least let you all know I'm still around. A quick little update just to let you all know I'm still around and kicking it, though; however, I feel the need to be truthful and come right out of the gate and mention first and foremost that I'm going to be insanely less active around here as well as on Discord due to a lot of circumstances that I'll get into. First and foremost, lockdown restrictions eased up a while back, but then came back even more strict, so that's really sucked in terms of having ANY source of income. Secondly: my current financial situation has been at its worst, mainly due to the fact that, Thirdly: California has been literally on fire for the past few weeks now. Not only has this affected my friends and, but it's also affected me directly as well. I know that I come on here and try to put on a bit of a positive spin on as many things as I can, trying my best to make you all laugh and smile, remaining upbeat and hopeful no matter what keeps getting thrown our way... But there comes a time where it just gets too much, and I feel like this is one of those times. I've also come to realize the sad realization that, I need to learn when it's okay for me to accept defeat in certain areas and simply admit to myself that asking for help isn't necessarily a "sign of weakness" even if deep down I feel like these times aren't the best of times to be asking for any help or hell, just feel like a flat-out failure. Regardless, since it's not just me that I'm fighting for anymore, I have to accept it and surrender that way of thinking. While it may not be too often, and while I also acknowledge that I said I likely wouldn't open it back up this year, the patreon is going to be much more active now due to the current situation of the fire that has basically been tearing and burning through what feels like the entire State of California... If you are a part of the patreon, but do not have the funds, I beg that you set a limit, or please cancel your patronage, it is not your obligation nor responsibility to help or donate anything, all I can do is ask and try my best to provide content that would be worth it when I'm able to. Granted, my writing will now be done on my phone due to the loss of my computer, so I may work much slower, but nonetheless, I'm able to. You can also help out through PayPal, but please be mindful and do not send too much, please. I know it may sound contradictory to ask for help yet at the same time tell you to not be TOO generous, but still. To everyone out there, please stay safe; I know this year just keeps getting worse and worse and worse since the day it fucking STARTED, but if I am being honest, I have to keep telling myself that there's some kind of light at the end of this year... I HAVE to keep thinking that, for MY sake, and for my sanity's sake. Also, sorry for just suddenly up and leaving yet again, I promise I'll try to stop doing that shit to you all haha. I hope to reunite with you all some day soon~! Take care everybody, and please stay safe.

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sorry everyone
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Shoot dude... I understand, I wish you the best and I'll be around!

I understand what truma is like, and I like being the positive person too! But opening yourself up isn't a form of weakness but strength! So if you gotta share share! We will be here for you!

(Also I'd donate if I had anything to give 🙏)

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Stay safe! You mental and psychical health goes before anything else! Keep pushing forward! Your fans will always be here no matter what.

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I'm sorry to hear about all that, I'm here with you in California so I sympathize, I hope your alright and everything ends up well!
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I'm just glad to hear that you're still alive. Keep fighting the good fight Chris and I hope to see you soon. 🙏🙏

Im glad to hear from you again. Just sad given the circumstances. man 2020 sucks balls ⚽️ 🏀.

Honestly, you don’t need to feel ashamed to need help. Everyone needs it, and in the end I don’t think any of us could live as independently as we think

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I'd really love to donate to your Patreon if I had enough funds. I really hope nothing but the best for you, Chris. This is definitely something that shouldn't ever happen to a person like you. This year has been nothing but a travesty, but all we can do is hope and pray for things to get better.

Best of wishes to you man!!
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It's good to hear from you again, Chris. I've been hearing about the fires. It's awful that that's happening at all. That may be this year in a nutshell for shit to go wrong, but the fact that we're still alive shows that giving in to the despair will not solve anything. We'll get through this. It's only a matter of time.
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Stay safe Chris, especially the time of the Coronavirus Pandemic! If you have a face mask, wear it. It will prevent you from catching a deadly virus, even the flu!

Take care, my man. Always know that we have your back, no matter how shitty things get.
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