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Yuta's Gassy Retaliation 2 by Gchris5523, literature

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Forceful - Chapter 20 by Gchris5523, literature

Persona 5 Fart Story - Makoto by Gchris5523, literature


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Jaws of Lyfe: The Dessert - Part 4 by Gchris5523, literature

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Hello there! My name is Gchris; that's what my birth certificate says. Somehow I messed up my own age... Anyways, hello there! If you're reading this, I hope we can be friends! I currently write a fart fetish series called "Forceful", and it's- hey where're you going? Don't leave me! I'm VERY open-minded; probably due to the fact that I've studied fetishes quite a bit. Anyways, if you want to talk about literally anything, feel free to friend me and send me a note, or however you prefer to talk! Thanks for stopping by; take care, and have a glorious day!

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The Avengers <> Both Captain America Movies <> Dumb and Dumber <> There are others, but I can't think of them right now.
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South park <> Key and Peele
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A lot of scores, VG OST, music like that, and 90's gangsta rap lel
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Mostly comics
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Jack Kirby <> Christopher Hitchens
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Kingdom Hearts <> Arkham games <> Gta V <> Starhawk <> Persona 5
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PS3 <> 3DS
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Writing <> Making friends and talking <> Writing <> Lots of Writing!
Hey everyone, the Persona 5 Fart Story featuring Makoto Nijima has been uploaded over on the Pateron, and for that I'm sorry... But listen! July 12th is gonna be the day it comes out here on DA, so if you'd rather wait, it shouldn't be much longer~ To any and everyone pledging over there, thank you so much! I GREATLY appreciate it, and here's hoping I'm able to continue making the Pateron, like... *WORTH* it, you know? If you'd like a link to pledge, it's below, but PLEASE only pledge a dollar, THAT'S IT! Anyways, thanks for everything, guys and gals! Take care and stay safe out there pls https://www.patreon.com/Gchris5523
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[-Attention! This journal post is made for both the reason of showing the people who did not "attend" the 5 day event lasting from Monday, June 7th - Friday, June 11th, as well as a thank you.-] Jaws: "Hello there everyone! It's me, Nikkita Bellerose- or as you might just know me better as: Jaws! We're all... SOOO glad you were able to attend our little "Restaurant" themed event, and we ALL hope that you enjoyed all 5-Courses as part of your meal. Sadly, we're closed now, but we're all very thankful for everyone who came to experience all 5-Courses! Actually... It'd be awesome if something like my stories actually inspired some of you to start cooking- *gaaaasp!* We'd have an army of Chefs! Wooow.... a-anyways! We all have something we'd like to say, if you don't mind; Thanks everybody! Stay cooking!" Hey everyone! Gchris here, wuzzap? I wanted to come on and say thank you to everyone who gave me and @ProButtonMasher a chance with this series, as well as lending us your time to read
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Course 5 has now been served! Please enjoy your meal~! Art done by @ProButtonMasher ! Please be sure to send all your love his way~
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Can I have a character request please?

I hope you are doing alright, Chris.

Ayo. I have an art question that I'd like to discuss in notes. Hmu asap. 🙂

Hope things are going well.

You doing alright?

Oh, hey there! I'm doing ok, thank you for checking up! How about you, things going alright over there on your end?