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it's a cover for 'fly fantasy world' magazine in china
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Bro, dats cool >.>
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woooooooooooooooooooowww ! its so cool cool to looking at this. balsam 4 eyez
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the detail in the smoke is amazing
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oh man, I just noticed the smoke dancers. That is good detail.
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Magnificient mythological expression...!!!
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out standing, is this a Thai god? im not sure exactly but it really looks like one
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Truly brilliant work.
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what can i say what already you didnt read :S ... i think what notting, but i really like your style and tour completely clean style
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:meditation: OM VAJRA KILI KILAYA HUM PHAT :meditation:
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You know, I always wondered how a vajra was actually supposed to work in combat.

I remember reading somewhere that it combines aspects of a sword, a mace, and a spear.

Sword + mace + spear = ???

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This picture really brings the feeling of wrath trough the God's stiff pose and angry expression. The body looks fascinating realistic, humanoid even if the legs have double knees. You really captured the mythological feeling with this piece, and you can as a viewer tell that you did your homework before starting to paint. Excellent!
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yeah i remember seeing this in iFX and was totally stunned. kick ass, man
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Beautiful and powerful. :clap:
Reminds me of a fight on the Gantz anime.
Thanks for sharing. :)
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Your entire gallery is astounding! *___* Congratulations! And I watched this one for minutes trying to catch all the particulars! *___*
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I remember seeing this in Imagine FX quite some time ago and I fell in love with it. This illustration really inspires me!
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