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January 12, 2010
Poseidon's Wrath by ~GBrush - Stunning! You have to take a look at the artist's breathtaking gallery!
Featured by archanN
Suggested by Anelu
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Poseidon's Wrath

The workshop for 20th issue ImagineFX magazine.
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OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... AWESOME!!OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... OMGsqueeeee.... 
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So much detail... And the water looks beautiful!!! :onfire:
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Wonderful, it is wonderful.
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Wow, I am ROFIA (Rolling on Floor in amazement)
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Simply breath-taking! That's an incredible amount of detail and you have quite the imagination! I don't even know where to look because it's all very stunning.
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Clap  It is just as I can hear the storm blowing... Judge 
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Lovely painting. Great action/drama.
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
I would definitely hang this on my wall.
I was looking for modern renditions of Poseidon and the hippocampus. This is superb - not only in execution and power but your literate attempt to absorb the layers of the mythology, something lacking in most digital art. Thank you so much for sharing.
Zak05's avatar
Amazing job!!!
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Wouah...magnifique !!!!
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Amazing!!!! I'm looking through your gallery and as I go through, each picture is better than the last!!!!!
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by jove!!! such an amazing work!
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