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Jen had been to a number of other attractions on her way to the Magic Lamp Ride.  But now, she was finally in line.  The line led to an escalator that appeared to go underground.  Being impatient, Jen wanted to teleport to the front of the line.  However, she had done that once at another ride, and the security system had busted her.  While the person in the front wasn’t looking she teleported directly in front of him.  She thought she had gotten away with it when a small arm lowered down from a pillar and gave her an electrical jolt in the butt.  She was warned that if she tried it again, she would be fined.
But patience is a virtue, and eventually Jen made it to the ride proper.  The coaster itself appeared to be twelve oil lamps strung together, with room in each lamp for one person.  The computer system guided her into the first lamp.  When she was seated, a glass dome covered her, and she was sealed inside.
The ride was off.  It was fast, and it was very visual.  There were so many ups and downs, bumps and straight aways.  It was thrilling.  Jen and the other riders shouted in joy.  The special effects were amazing.  It was like soaring over a desert in the night, and then in the day.  It was roaring through a cave filled with lava, and treasure.  It was so much fun.
Jen was having so much fun that she didn’t notice a slight hissing sound coming from underneath her seat.  Nor did she notice that she was starting to get sleepy until it was too late.  The nonvisible gas that had been pumped into her cart did its work, and she fell asleep.  The trap system knew that it was dealing with a genie, a magical being that could be resistant to mind control.  Therefore, it instead chose to render her asleep quickly rather than risk her realizing the danger she was in.
The ride ended, and everyone departed.  Everyone, that is, except for Jen.  Unseen by anyone, the unconcious genie was covered in a blue light, and when it was gone, she had been transported away.
“We’ve done it, ma’am!  We have all 7 girls!”
The woman smiled and pulled out her phone.  “Excellent.  Now to deal with Jake and complete the set.”
I must be in heaven, Jake thought as he wondered around Bikini Land.  Everywhere he looked, there were girls, girls, girls.  And if being surrounded by bishie femals wasn’t good enough, all of them were scantiliy clad in swim and night wear.  Purple, pink, yellow, black, white, the whole color spectrum.  In underwear.
He couldn’t tell whether the enviroments were real or holographic.  He didn’t know if the women were real, artificial, or illusion.  And he didn’t care.  It was an eye fest.
He was the only guy anywhere to be seen.  He had been to a lingerie show.  He had been to a modeling photo shoot.  Right now, he was walking along a very convincing beach front in a bathing suit that had been provided for him.  The sand felt real, the water felt real, and the girls seemed real.
Finally, finally, beautiful girls everywhere, and not one of them is giving me a headache.
He made a mental note to thank Mato later.  Right now he was observing women getting a tan.
He was so caught up in looking at girls that he ran smack into someone, and they both fell down.
“I’m so sorry,” Jake said as he started to get up.  “It was my...” he trailed off as he saw who he had bumped into.  All the other women were gorgeous, but this girl was a cut above.  She had shapely legs, perfect skin, and an hourglass body that rivaled Lucia’s.  She was wearing a red top and bottom, along with one of those transparent, silk like skirts.  Her hair was black and glittered in the sunlight.  And her eyes were blue to match the water.  Jake just stared at her, red in the face.
The woman giggled.  “That’s alright.  I wasn’t looking either.”
“Are you, are you part of the attraction?”
“Oh, no.  I just like looking at attractive men and women.”
SO HOT!  Jake tried to be polite and held out his hand.  “Hi, I’m Jake Mato.”
The woman grasped his hand and looked at his face.  “Mato?  As in Mato Land?”
Jake blushed a little deeper, looking at her eyes.  “Yeah, my grandpa owns the park.”
The woman pulled Jake closer to her and cupped his face in her hands.  “Forgive me for being so forward, but I just find you attractive.  Do you find me attractive?”
Jake’s head started to get foggy.  “Yes, you’re very pretty.”
“What about my eyes?  Do you think they’re pretty too?”
Jake looked deeper into her blue eyes.  They seemed to twinkle.  With the ocean noise in the background, her eyes seemed like water.
“My eyes are pretty, aren’t they?  They’re so blue, that it seems like water.  And when you’re in the water, it feels so comfortable.  My eyes make you feel comfortable.”
Jake had to admit, she was making sense.  His body kept relaxing more and more.  She gently pushed him down, back first into the sand, and straddled him, still looking into his eyes.
“You feel so warm, so safe.  You just want to lie down here, on the sand, and get some rest.  Just let your eyes close.  It’s okay.  You know I’m here.  You know I’ll keep you safe.  Just rest.”
Jake felt so good that he was about to drift off.  Then he noticed something.  He saw a hint of a spade like tail poking from underneath her skirt.  The woman was a succubus!
Realizing that he was being hypnotized and in potential danger, Jake was able to shake off her influence, barely.  Regaining control of his senses, he concentrated his energies, grabbed the succubus by the shoulders, and started to let his hypnotic energy flow into her.  The succubus gasped.
“I’ve got a better idea,” Jake said.  “Why don’t you take a nap?”
Within a minute, Jake and the succubus were back on their feet, the succubus deeply hypnotized and under Jake’s power.
Jake shook his head.  “That was close.  Now for some answers.”  He faced the succubus.  “What’s your name?”
“Twilight, master,” she murmured.
“Why did you try to hypnotize me?  Did you want to drain my energy?”
“No, master.  I was hired.”
“What?  Hired by who?”
“I don’t know.  The deal was made over the phone.  I was to put you asleep and then leave.  The one who spoke to me sounded female.”
Great.  We’ve got another Triple H (Hypno Happy Hottie) on the loose.  Why do I keep attracting these people and these situations?  And what is it this week?  A cyborg?  A contortionist?  Barbara?
“What else can you tell me?” Jake asked.
“Well, I’m very pretty, and my favorite targets to drain are...”
“About the person who hired you!”
“Oh, sorry, master.  The only other thing they said was that I wouldn’t have to worry about your friends saving you.  They already had them.”
“Oh, no, the girls,” Jake whispered.  “What do you mean, ‘had them?’”
“I don’t know, master.”
After a few moments, Jake decided what he had to do.  “Alright, Twilight, I want you to go home, forget about this job, and forget that we met, understand?”
“Yes, master.”  Twilight turned to leave.
Jake turned to leave, too, then stopped.  What am I?  Stupid?  “Twilight, stop.”  She did.  “Face me.”  She did.  “Take off your top.”  She did.  If I’m going to save the day, I deserve to have some fun first.
A short time later, Jake was using a pay phone to call Mato.
“Oh, hello Jake!  I hope you’re having fun.”
“I am but...”
“Also, Jake, I was wondering if you could bring home dinner.”
“Okay, but...”
“Also, Jake, could you stop by the hardware store and get me a set of screwdrivers?”
“Sure, but...”
“Also, Jake, what factor do you think causes an organism to blink the most?”
“Um, humidity, I guess, but...”
“Also, Jake, what’s your favorite question?”
“Would you please listen!?!”
“Also, Jake...”
“Now that I’ve got your attention, I have some questions to ask.  Did you install hypnotic traps in Mato Land?”
“Oh, yes, I did.  A wide variety of them, employing multiple methods.  I planned on using them to help me gather data.  Unfortunately, the safety commission forbade me from activating them.  Why?”
“No reason.  Also, I got separated from the girls.  Is there any way you could help me find them?”
“Hm, let me check my computer.  I might be able to... yes, I’ve got a lock on Sarah’s cybernetic implants.  She’s in the event center at the middle of the park.  Odd, nothing’s scheduled there until next week.  What is she doing there?”
“I’ll be sure to ask her.  Thanks.”  Jake hung up.  There was no point in telling him what’s going on.  He’d be no help.  Looks like I’m on my own.
After making his way to the center of the park, Jake discovered that the event center had some very tight security.  Guards were everywhere.  But he knew he had to get inside.  Employing any and all of the ninja skills he had, he was able to create a distraction and slip into the event center.
He was not prepared for what he saw.  Occupying a number of the seats were people, dozens, maybe hundreds of people.  All of them sat with their backs straight, their eyes unblinking, staring at nothing.  After trying to get a response from several people and failing, Jake started surveying the rows.
When he got to the front row, he found what he was looking for.  Dawn, Jessica, Sarah, Lucia, Katia, Mina, and Jen were just like all the others.  The girls were sitting side by side to one another.
Jake frantically tried to wake up his friends, but to no avail.
Okay, if I can’t wake them, maybe I can unhypnotize them.
But before he could use his talents, both of his arms were grabbed.  He looked to his sides to see two very big, very strong looking security guards holding him.  “Uh, what’s up, fella’s?”
Wordlessly, the two guards started dragging Jake further into the building.
Jake saw only one way out of this mess.  I promised myself never to use this on men, but this is an exception.  He concentrated, and his arms started to glow.  “I bet you’re feeling tired, huh?”
They didn’t respond, they didn’t slow down, and they certainly didn’t look tired.  Jake’s powers weren’t working.  While he tried to figure out what was wrong, he noticed that both of the guards were wearing bracelets, both embedded with a single large jewel.  Jake groaned.  He knew what those bracelets were.  They were similar to Mato’s mind controlling tiara technology.  The guards were being controlled by those bracelets.  And apparently, even Jake’s powers couldn’t override the bracelets control.
In a few minutes, Jake had been dragged through a series of corridors into what appeared to be the security room.  The room was full of monitors, consoles, and several park workers, who also happened to be wearing similar bracelets.  In the front of the room was a swivel chair, occupied, its occupant surveying the monitors.  The chair was facing away from Jake.
The guards let go of Jake.  “Ma’am, we have brought the intruder,” one of them said while Jake was getting to his feet.
“Very good.”  The chair swiveled around and Jake was finally able to see who was the mastermind behind this whole ordeal.
“No, I’m her identical twin sister, Betty.”
Indeed it was Barabara, Mato’s lab assistant whom Jake had not seen in quite some time.  She looked the same as he remembered her, short brown hair and a lab coat.  And still very attractive.
I wasn’t serious when I guessed it was her.  How can it be her?  She’s one of the good guys!  Then Jake noticed a bracelet on Barbara.
“It’s been a while, Jake.”
“Yeah, it has, Barb.”
She smiled mockingly at him.  “You’re probably wondering what I’m doing here.”
“Actually, I think I’ve put a few things together.  You’re not the mastermind of whatever scheme is going on here.  Someone else is, and that someone else is controlling you via that bracelet you have on.”
Barbara raised her arm and gave her bracelet a cursory glance.  “Clever boy.  You’re right, I am being controlled.  And I don’t care in the slightest.  All I want to do is carry out my orders.”
“And what are those orders?”
Still smiling, Barbara directed Jake’s attention to a monitor displaying the event center full of hypnotized people.  “To obtain a large source of slave labor,” she said.  “You see, I take orders from a group that is interested in getting a dedicated workforce that they don’t have to pay.  The problem is, if you start abducting mass numbers of people all at once, their disappearences will be noticed.  Then my masters heard about Mato Land.  They discovered the large number of hypnotic traps Mato had designed into the park.  They realized it was the perfect way to obtain a steady network of slaves.  Take over the park, program the computer to hypnotize only people whose abscences wouldn’t be missed in the short run, and let things work from there.  Unfortunately, Mato’s security systems were so tight that they needed someone familiar with the technology to override the programming.  Enter me.  Right now, we’ve taken about a hundred people.  We’ll keep on taking people a few days each week for a number of months.  By the time the public notices the large number of missing people, we’ll have taken thousands, and then disappear.  That way, all the blame will fall on Mato.”
“You can’t do this!” Jake yelled.  “You’re destroying people’s lives!  It’s wrong!”
Barbara raised her arm and pointed at her bracelet.  “Hellooooo.  Controlled.  I don’t care.”  Lowering her arm, she addressed him again.  “The group I’m referring to was able to harvest some of the mind control equipment and has equipped it onto a number of workers in this park, as well as me.  When you and your housemates arrived, I knew you could be a thorn in our plans, so I directed most of our energies into capturing you and your friends.”
“Why did you hire a succubus?  Why didn’t you just try out some gadget on me?”
“Because I know you, Jake.  I know you’re lucky.  I know you’re resistant to most forms of hypnotism.  And I know you’re so horny that a beautiful girl was the best way to catch you off guard.”
“Barbara, I’m asking you, one last time, please stop this.”
“And I’m telling you, one last time, I don’t care.”  She snapped her fingers, and the guards stepped forward.  “We’re going to start shipping out the group in the event center tonight after closing hours.  Lock the kid up somewhere.  I’ll figure out what to do with him later.”  She looked at Jake one last time.  “And don’t bother trying to hypnotize your way out of this one.  Everyone here, the guards, the workers, those in the events center, they will only respond to me.  Now, take him away.”
“Yes, ma’am.”  Without another word, Jake was dragged off.
The guards dumped Jake in a storage room and locked the door.  Jake pounded on the wooden door, but it was no use.  Jake then surveyed his surroundings.  The room was full of knicknacks, chemicals, building materials, etc.
I have to act quickly, or I’ll never see the girls again.  This is where my watching of every Mcgyver episode ever made finally pays off.
Within twenty minutes, Jake had gathered enough materials and come up with a plan to attempt escape.  First, he laid a newspaper across a table.  Placing some fertilizer on the paper and dousing it in some chemicals, he had constructed a makeshift bomb.  Then, he tied a thin piece of rope that was doused in kerosene around the wrapped newspaper bomb.  He used some duct tape to stick the bomb against the lock on the door.  Finally, taking cover, he used a discarded lighter to ignite the rope.  A few seconds later and...
The lock destroyed, Jake escaped from the room.  “It worked!  I am a genius!”
At that moment, a pair of guards, attracted by the explosion, came running down the hall towards him.
“Awwww, nuts.”
Jake was dragged back to the control room.
“What’s he doing here?” Barbara asked.  One of the guards explained about Jake’s escape attempt.
“Very clever, Jake.  Mato would be proud.  Lock him up again.”
This time, Jake found himself locked in a cafeteria with only one entrance.
If at first you don’t succeed...
The first thing Jake did was get some water from a vending machine.  He drank some and stuffed the bottle into his back pocket.  Then he got to work.
The door was locked with an electronic combination pad.  Using some of the utensils available to him, Jake was able to dig through the wall into the back of the pad on the other side of a door.  Then, he stacked some of the chairs so that he could reach one of the over head lights.  Prying off the cover, Jake gained access to a long supply of conductive wire.  Placing one end of the wire into the back of the control pad, and the other end against a live electric current, Jake was able to short out the lock.
As he stepped out the door, Jake yelled, “I’m so brilliant, it’s shocking!”
As if in punishment for his bad joke, a pair of guards came running towards him, having heard his yell.
“Awwwww, nut bunnies.”
Once again, Jake was dragged before Barbara.
“What did he do this time?” she asked, annoyed.  She was filled in.  She shook her head.  “Jake, you are a valuable prisoner, but if you annoy me one more time, you will regret it.”  She turned to the guards.  “Lock him in the food freezer!”
“I can’t go in there!” Jake complained.  “I’ll freeze to death!”
“Oh, very well, give him a coat.  Then hurry back.  Shipments begin soon.”
Jake was dragged off.
A short time later, Barbara was watching the final preparations to move the people in the event center out of Mato Land.  It was only a short time until closing hours.
“Nothing can stop us now,” she said.
At that moment... BOOOOMMM!
She rolled her eyes.  “Everyone, find him and rough him up!”
“Yes, ma’am.”  Everyone except Barbara left the room in search of Jake.  Barbara surveyed the monitors for any sign of him.
A few minutes laters, she heard Jake say, “Boo.”  She turned to see him standing in the doorway, without the coat he had been given.
She smiled.  “Alright, how did you do it this time?”
Jake smiled back.  “Well, you seemed to have forgotten that water has this weird way of expanding when it’s frozen.  You didn’t take away my bottle of water when you shoved me into the freezer.  I poured the water into the door lock, plugged it, let the water freeze, it expanded, and broke the lock.”
“That’s impossible!” Barbara yelled.
“And yet here I am.  After that, I silently made my way back to the storage room, where I set off that explosion you heard a few minutes ago so that I could draw all your guards away.  Now I’m going to get that bracelet off of you and set things right.”
Barbara applauded.  “Very good, Jake, but that’s not going to happen.”  She picked up some kind of gun from the console and pointed it at Jake.
Jake scoffed at the weapon.  “What is that?  One of those guns that hypnotizes people?”
Barbara pulled the trigger, and a silenced bullet whizzed by Jake’s ear.  “Actually, it’s one of those guns that puts holes in people.”
“YOWZERS!”  Jake ran off, and Barbara pursued him.
It had been a harrowing chase, but now Jake had been backed into a dead end.  He had his back to a wall, and Barbara was standing a few feet in front of him, the gun pointed at his head.
“It looks like our friendship is about to end, Jake.  Too bad.  You’re cute.”  She started to squeeze the trigger, when...
Another loud explosion sounded off in the distance, but Barbara did not so much as flinch.
“Hey!” Jake complained.  “You weren’t distracted by my melting ice delay time bomb!”
She shrugged.  “You can’t easily fool me with the same trick twice.”  She pointed the gun directly at his forehead.  “Any last words?”
“Actually, yes.  Oh, what the hell is that!?!”  He pointed over her shoulder.
Barbara looked in that direction, and Jake charged her.  They struggled for control over the gun, and eventually Barbara was able to push Jake away.  But Jake had gotten a solid grip on the bracelet on her arm, and when he was shoved away, the bracelet went with him.
Free from the bracelets control, Barbara collapsed to the ground.
Jake carefully walked over to her, picked up the gun, threw it away, and then shook her.  “Barbara?  Are you alright?”
Groggily, she got up.  “I, I think so.”  Then she looked up and saw Jake’s face.  She gave a short, joyful cheer and hugged him around the neck.  “Oh, Jake!  It’s so good to see you!”  She was crying with relief.
Jake patted her on the shoulders and returned the hug.  “I’m glad to have you back.”
“Thank you, Jake!  Thank you so much!  You saved me.  You stopped me from doing something horrible!”
“You mean you remember?”
She broke the hug and looked at him, nodding.  “Tidbits.  I remember the general idea of what happened, but specific details escape me.  I remember what I was going to do, but I don’t remember who placed that bracelet on me, or where, or where I was going to send those poor people.  Oh, Jake, please don’t tell Mato or anyone else about my role in all this.  I couldn’t bear to lose their trust.”
“Don’t worry, Barbara.  No one will know but the two of us.”  He helped her to her feet.  “But right now, we have to hurry and stop that shipment, alter everyone’s memories, and set things right.”
“You’re right.”  She smiled at him.  “But first...”  She suddenly leaned in and kissed him passionately on the lips.  Jake was too stunned to do anything but kiss back.  A minute later, the kiss ended.
“Why’d you do that?” the dazed Jake asked.
“Because you saved me.  Besides,” she winked at him, “you really are cute.”
With Barbara at his side, Jake was able to undo all the hypnotic programming that had been going on in Mato Land that day.  Everyone except for the girls were sent home with their memories altered.  Barbara left as well, without saying goodbye to the girls.
Sarah, Dawn, and the others were pestering Jake for answers as to what had happened, but Jake refused to answer any questions until they got back home.  So, they got in their vehicle and left.
In an unknown room, a shadowed figure was scowling at a monitor.  There was a gigantic S in the background.
“So,” the figure said, “apparently Jake is not only lucky and hypnotically empowered, but he is clever as well.  If ultimate victory is to be achieved, he must not be underestimated.”
It was dark when Jake and the others arrived home.  Fawn, Diana and Yuta had returned.  A minute after the group got back from Mato Land, Barbara stopped by to say hi quickly.  She didn’t stay long, but there was enough time to take a large group photo of all thirteen of them.  Then she left.  The remaining twelve housemates were now gathered in the lab.
“It’s too bad Barbara didn’t stay longer,” Yuta said, sadly.  “We didn’t have time to play any games.”
Sarah rolled her eyes and said, “She probably left so quickly so there wouldn’t be time for your games.”
“So, how was your trip?” Jake asked Fawn, Yuta, and Diana.
“Oh, it was wonderful!” Diana exclaimed, her cat ears twitching.
Fawn laughed.  “Yes, but I wish I could have seen Mato Land opening day.”
Mato spoke up.  “Oh, Dawn, here, take this.”  He handed Dawn a check.
Dawn eyed the check and her eyes bulged.  “That’s a lot of numbers, professor.  Why are you giving this to me?”
“Well, my profits have increased so much that I decided to pay you back for the money I used to build Mato Land.”
Dawn smiled a rare, genuine smile.  “Thanks.”  She put the check away.  “You mean Mato Land has already brought in that much money?”
“Oh, no.  The park’s doing great, but not that great.  You see, that video of you and Sarah I put up this morning is so popular many people are paying me royalties in order to download it.  There’s probably a copy of it on every site in existence.”
Ten seconds later...
Sarah had torn up the other half of the lab, and had calmed down a little.
“I’m going to sue you, old man!” she screamed.
Mato pulled out his remote and pressed the button labeled ‘Cover-up’.  A screen hypnotized Sarah and Mato tweaked her feelings a bit before waking her up.
The pleasantries out of the way, Jake filled everyone in on what had happened at the park, minus the parts about Barbara.  The girls who had been involved thanked Jake for saving them.
Mina yawned.  “Well, it’s been a long day, and I’m going home and getting some sleep.”  All the girls agreed and left, leaving Jake and Mato alone.
Mato shook Jake’s hand.  “Jake, you continue to do an old man proud.”
Jake smiled.  “I try.”
“By the way, did you finish reading that guidebook I gave you?”
“Uh, no, why?”
“Well, at the very end, it tells you that you could have taken control of the entire park from anywhere in Mato Land with just a few voice commands.”
*Jake just stands still, his mouth open in shock.  He pulls out the guidebook, skips to the end, confirms what Mato just told him, realizes how unneccesarily difficult he had made things, and falls over.*

Thanks for reading, everyone.  Any comments or requests for fanfic stories can be directed to  Have a great holiday.  For my next work, I plan on putting Mina through a magical battle.
“Oh, what the hell is that!?!?” property of neowhyachi.  Mato Land and all Mato Land staff property of gbrn32e.  All other characters property of adv913.
VG-MC Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
Love the twist of Barb as the antagonist. Just a shame Diana, Fawn and Yuta didn't go. I'd love to have seen what Mato set up for them. Maybe you could do an omake where they go to check it out and Jake goes too to make sure they're all okay.
gbrn32e Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
Make you deal. Name the three attractions they would visit and I'll make the omake a top priority once I finish the Homesheild one.
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Yarnworld, The Sirendome, Make Out Land.
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