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I'm still working on the "clean looking" sites with a lot of content - that's what I find difficult atm.

Paperwork is a fictitious website, where you can submit, sell and buy prints. No real print artworks were harmed in the making (all are actually mine, and the main one is still in progress).

Hope you'll like it.

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This is really, really REALLY good work.
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Thanks. As much as I hate my earlier works as I get older (and better I hope) this one is among those that I still like.
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The navigation could use a bit more legible typeface. Right now the script font you selected delays the orientation and the navigation should orientate the user quickly, since it's his last hope for navigating through the site, if the inner links and CTA fail to do so. :)
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Thank you, what you wrote is very useful for me :)
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You're welcome. :)

Might wanna check the alignment of the Subscribe button in the top right corner of the second screenshot, compared to the content below it. Actually the main content on the 1st and 2nd screenshots are of different width. And repetition is a key factor in making the layout.

Also regarding the small thumbnails (2nd screenshot) - the "View more" button is center-aligned, while the layout is leftaligned (and some buttons of the same type are right-aligned.

Have a look of this nice article: [link]

Best wishes
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Wow, I haven't thought about that! Thank you :)
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P.S. Sorry for the typos, I wrote it in a hurry. lol
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Kurczę, naprawdę ładne :) bardzo dobrze wykorzystałaś "puste przestrzenie" - są idealne, nie za małe, nie za duże :) całość oddycha, a przy tym nie jest pusto. Super!
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Dzięki ponownie ;)
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website can to be designed so beautiful!!!good good
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really nice work
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Nice work and nice shade of red!
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Ciekawy pomysł. Podoba mi się nietypowa kolorystyka którą dobrałeś. Projekt jest unikalny i przyciąga uwagę. Dobra robótka :)
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Dzięki, nie podejrzewałam, że tak sie spodoba :) Jesli chodzi o kolory, początkowo miał byc szary + niebieski, ale takich stron jest wystarczająco dużo ;)

PS: Tylko proszę mi nie zmieniać płci ;)
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hehe, przepraszam. W końcu jakiś grafik płci żeńskiej. Witaj w klubie :)
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Nie szkodzi, w sumie przyzwyczajona jestem ;)
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Really Nice. May I ask whay font you used?
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Which font? In menu it's Wrexham script :)
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Thanks man that's what I was looking for :)
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