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Mintia logotype

My attempt(s) to create a logo for recently opened - platform for collective designing. I didn't win, but I'm quite satisfied with th eresults, so I'm sharing.

Done in Inkscape.
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I have worked in Inkscape too (all my vectors) but always had a feeling that the edges look too sharp and maybe Illustrator doesn't have that problem. But your work here looks so smooth. :)
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They were merged and scaled, that's probably the reason. But yes, in a full view they are a bit too sharp.
3 mi się bardzo podoba "hyhyhy" :D
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I'm not sure which symbol I like most but they're all pretty sweet. What I find particularly striking though is the typeface; it looks so nice and sharp. With the softer color tone it gives the logo a fresh and modern look.

Is this the website of the agency you did this logo for? If so they made a terrible choice. If not, I'm very curious what the winning design was because your work is striking.
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Thanks for the great comment! Good you like the typo, I saw on your profile that you're particularly experienced when it comes to fonts(and you're doing a great job!)
And yes, that's the website. The winning work was a surprise for many people ;)
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It's quite ironic to me how a website for crowd sourcing logos and such doesn't know what's good for their own brand. This Mintia branding [the one they chose] is almost as neutral as possible, which is no good for a brand.
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I thought the same thing after I saw the results. There were a few better projects, but you know - it's still their choice.
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simple,clean,sleek... awesome :D
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Looks great. Good job :)
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W 1 nie podoba mi się to kółko w środku, zamieniłbym to na coś innego, a jak koniecznie kółko to z obrysem a nie wypełnieniem. Jakby nie to, to wybrałbym 1 propozycje.
Bardzo fajnie ;) tak trzymaj :)
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Pewnie masz rację ;) Dzięki :)
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nie rozumiem sygnetu, ale mi się podoba :P
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To 'M' stylizowane na dwa listki (mięty). W kilku wariacjach.
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Very good job. I like the first one!
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