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Tohsaka rin

By GBeeee
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commission for  DestroXXIV
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Definitely looks like someone tied her up and lifted her clothes up and probably looks like gave her a little jiggle ;)

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I love how defiant she looks, despite being totally helpless. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for comment! :D

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I love Tohsaka Rin. I love tied up Tohsaka Rin even better. I love how her shirt's been lifted, exposing a quite sexy bra.
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I also want to see the tied Sakura someday!
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I remember this character being kinda annoying... she's better like this.
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Right, She's a little bit of a witch. need a rope to deal with her. ;)
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Beautiful work! When do you open commission again? How do we know when you do? Been waiting to commission you for awhile now XD
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I got a new commission last week, so I don't plan to open it for a while.

When I open a commission, I notify the watcher through the Activity tab.
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Ah! A character with stockings like only you could make her even cooler, brother. :highfive: Great work!
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I knew I recognized that art style!!! I saw this pic the other day and didn't realize it was you. You did the world a service drawing Tohsaka.
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You're commenting to me, brother. :lmao: Give your love to the author of this lovely art!
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Damn, her angry expression is priceless. Great work!
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Neat pose and I like the bit of teasing with the bra and bit of underwear showing.
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I'm gald you like it. :D
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Amazing work as always.

I just want to touch that soft skin XD
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