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This user is terrible at English.

He cannot understand nor speak the language.

To overcome this, he lives with a machine called translator which does not perform well either, so be careful.

김취 DID난민들이여, 네이버카페 DID연구소로 찾아오시오.

Game title : DIDQuest Producer : GBeeee Release date : 2016-09-24 (KOR Version)                      2018-02-19 (ENG Version) Genre : Fantasy, DID Used tool : RPG Maker MV Play time : 30-40minutes Download : Translated by lucipher1 ( This tragic game has not seen a sequel for over a year due to my laziness. Perhaps the sequel will not come out. Though it is not a masterpiece, it is free, so play it at your leisure (As I am not good at english)Every translation made in this game was done by lucipher1 ( He is the best! This game has four DID scenes. Do not use comment
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안녕하세요 Gbeeee입니다. 나는 단지 당신이 하는 일에 감사하다는 말을 전하고 싶었습니다. 당신의 일은 정말 놀랍습니다. 그런데 에반게리온의 미사토에 대한 향후 계획이 있나요? 명확하지 않은 경우 사과드립니다. 영어로 번역했습니다.)))

hey gbeeee,can you draw some komi characters(female), please?(you choose


I have a question , where exactly I can find this cool work of yours in the internet or your page with a better version

I don't keep my old work, so there's no way to find it.


How about Naruto's girls ?

I think your art + Naruto's girls = awesome art

Thanks for answer and your art

Niijima sae by GBeeee

Another art thief!

ArtMakerRblx thinks they can post whatever they want as long as they say who the real artist is. There is no getting through to them.

can u draw all characters in jashin chan droppick pls