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Sith Leia sketch cover

By gb2k
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The Daughter of Vader!
*Ink + markers on Darth Vader #1 blank variant
for sale @…
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Thanks! Now im also a Simp Lord

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This might be the greatest single piece of art i've ever seen from the concept, to the execution. I love it.
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She looks mighty impressive!
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That is just killer!
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If you don't mind messaging me, I'd love to know if I could buy this from you
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The sketch cover sold pretty quickly already. Thanks!
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So do you digitize these after you scan them in?
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Digitize? I just scan the finished covers
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How you make the light the way you do and the great tones. So clean so amazing.
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And I thought it couldn't get hotter than the Slave Bikini
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Really great design and concept, perfect execution! Speaking of execution, I'm sure she's done a few.
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Great idea Leia going over to the Dark Side.
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if the cookies don't convince me to join the dark side then she will
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"Yes, My Mistress, Darkest Lady of the Sith. I, your most humble servant await your darkest bidding... if only I may pleasure you."
SpaceMedafighterX's avatar
...Hope you have an asphyxiation fetish, because otherwise, I doubt you'll get any pleasure from what she does to you.
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you did an amazing job :3
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"If you will not turn to the Dark Side, then perhaps she will."
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
oh ho yes :heart: this is more like it^^
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