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Savage Land Jessica Rabbit

You just knew she'd show up in the Savage Land ;)

*Ink + Marker on 8.5x11 cardstock
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orangeglasses2's avatar
Of course she'd go there. I wonder if Roger told her to.
Pantathena's avatar
Hot damn! This is awesome! VERY VERY well done! I love love love her in the savage land, can I borrow that compass?? :worship: you are amazing!
CuddlesTheOctopus's avatar
She's not even a comic book character!

Though, she's still damn hot!
NICE!!!SEXY ARTWORK!!!I knew she would somehow end up at Savage Land.
ZoeMariePaige's avatar
You sir, have earned yourself an epic win. Enjoy your prize good sir.
gledar's avatar
could've sworn she started there....
Jizzell's avatar
GirlGlycerine's avatar
This is too cute NOT to :+fav:! Adorable!
Roger is a happy husband!
yeah, but what about the savage land men? they're probably buff and ready to knock your block off. not to mention the dinosaurs ...

anyway, nice piece! i like your savage land series. very interesting. lotsa cheesecake of course. but who am I to say no to cheesecake? I'm a guy after all.
DJWill's avatar
So hottie!! :drool:
Wytherwing's avatar
:D well done bro... Savage Land looks like a fun place to hang out. ;)
lilac-lemur's avatar
an interesting cross-over...
RockySamson's avatar
Haaaaaa, you did Jessica Rabbit! *Bite lip* Fave... before I cry, lol!
Inu-Rinoa's avatar
Dear lawd, those are some big boobie bombs right there! :o

I see you caused quite a scene with some people claiming your art to be sexist.
Firstly I'd like to say that I am a woman, not girl, not teenager, woman. You capture the curvy nature of our bodies in a very detailed way, you seem to take great care and pride in your work.
Secondly some others just don't have a sense of humour about certain things, you don't need to justify your depictions of the female form to anyone, if they don't like it let them move on.

Sorry to go on but it just really annoys me when others come in saying they think things are sexist, like they speak for all females in the world!

R-mor's avatar
Guess it was just a matter of time 'til Jessica hopped a plane to the Savage Land. This turned out awesome. I love how she still manages to keep her hair looking perfect!
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