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Mary Jane sketch cover commission

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Sketch cover commission of Mary Jane Watson
*Ink + Markers on Superior Spider-Man blank variant
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PizzaronnyStudent Writer

Spidey's lucky.

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432addasadsHobbyist Artist
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Felipe400Hobbyist Artist
Love it!
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MJ is one of the sexiest women in the Marvel universe. I love this costume variation on her and the background work is nicley done. Love her coloring and detail. Very beautiful:love:
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Damn Parker's one lucky son of a bitch.... Especially when his girl is drawn this well.
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Crystal-EnchantedStudent Digital Artist
Spider-Women :)
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Acid-Rabbit-ArtStudent Digital Artist
MJ ...looks very sexy
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Yes! More Mary Jane!
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Dmox21Student Filmographer
I want this cover!!!
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Simply seductive.
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nice look.....
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Mary Jane looks beautiful and sexy, gb 2k !!!
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nicely done :)
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Kaizer617Hobbyist Traditional Artist
TOO SEXY!!!!!!
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MarkFanboyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I absolutely dispise The 'Superior' Spider-Man but you made MJ look sexier than ever, GB. :spidey: Top notch job!
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Oh look, a sane person.

Seriously, you won't believe how many people are defending "Superior," it's a relief to see someone gets how bad it is.

Like this drawing, by the way.
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MarkFanboyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I've always said that if they ever do put Pete and MJ back together again, it just wouldn't be the same... and it looks like I was right.
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Fortunately, Pete and MJ (specifically Ock and MJ *shudder*) aren't together "again." Ock decided to stop courting MJ for now (Without getting as much as a hand-job, too... Suck it, Rule 34!) Whether they keep it that way depends on how much Slott values his pathetic life.
I'm serious. He got his fill in death threats after "Dying Wish;" he should know better than to mess around now. If he decides to cross another line, it's his funeral. I refuse to feel sorry for whatever becomes of him.
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Its not the worst shark jump they have ever done with Spider-man. I feel a lot of people are still unhappy with the "one more day" and are pouring hate over from that. I'd give it a few issues before getting red with rage, besides is its not permanent. Pete's psyche will overwhelm the Doc's eventually and we will be have to square one.
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I'm sorry, but how do we know that? Look at all the bad stuff in Spidey's life that Marvel hasn't reversed...

1)Stacy's Death (something that gets less and less dignified by the day.)

2)One More Day (It hasn't been reversed, so of course people are fuming about it.)

3)Peter Parker not growing up. Look up any of Linkara's Spider-man reviews, see the After Hours Spider-man discussion on Youtube, the list goes on. Seriously, we've had four of Batman's Robins grow up and Peter still has yet to act like a responsible adult (ironically.)

And Superior's been running for four issues already, and it's terrible. A comic is supposed to be something someone can enjoy, not a disaster they have to tough through.
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