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Mars Attacks Jessica Rabbit sketch cover

By gb2k
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Mars Attacks Jessica Rabbit!
*Ink + markers on Mars Attacks NYCC 2014 exclusive limited edition blank variant (rare - only 100 of em!)
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Fun peril! Me like it.
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I love this, so awesome ♥
Commander-Zukov's avatar
Wow, this looks just soo sexxxy^^
Kermitthefrog223456's avatar
Jessica Rabbit: You think I'm sexy, don't you?
Wow very . . . Interesting so what is going to happen to her are they going to brain wash her into thinking she is her queen?
lokilance's avatar
Reminds me of an old Gen13 Comic cover. Still good tho
c0rwyn's avatar
Oh hell yeah. Niice work. 
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
Brains that large, and still they want to mess with perfection.
Zanapi-1709's avatar
what exactly is that laser going to do?
orangeglasses2's avatar
This doesn't look good for our favorite toon!
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yuphere's avatar
she was too naughty and shes being punished next time shell learn to be more hot
ImdaBatman's avatar
For the first time I'm not afraid of that movie
KanonSeaDragon's avatar
nice. I wonder what they will do with her XD
GoodOleCola's avatar
Peril Pin-Ups, something in classic ink not  seen since the 1950s. 

DEFINITELY, is something that is I'd more than welcome to see more often.  Vivi 
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That's great.
I like how the Martians are modest enough to make sure the straps cover her naughty bits. :)
japender61's avatar
Excellent work! I love Jessica in this precarious situation. She still looks great!
HobbsEnd's avatar
Great combination my friend! Awesome work with the effects!
freakinweirdo's avatar
So I have to ask, what's her fate? Those cards are very gruesome if I recall! Is poor Jessica going to end up as an experiment? Or simply vaporized? Something else?
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        Happy Dumpling 
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