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Jessica - Hellraiser

Jessica in Screamland #6 - Hellraiser

*Ink + Marker on 11x14 Bristol stock (2007)
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WatchTheMagicPumpkin's avatar
Pinhead has eternity ... to know her flesh XD
taksh's avatar
whats happens next?????
ticklishnatasha's avatar
You captured Pinhead in animation sooo well! Great job
HulkCrushRedneck's avatar
Those are BIG...characters.
LtTora's avatar
she aint gonna be pretty no more!EVIL Laughter! 
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
Too bad Pinhead will be drooling so much afterwards that he won't be able to do anything else.
JeallyBeanHedgehog's avatar
AxBunny's avatar
I was actually gonna commission something like this, but it looks like someone out there thinks like me! Now my mind is swimming with thoughts of him getting to know her flesh and helping her learn the pleasures of pain :iconhurrhurrplz:
schizoknight12's avatar
I would love to see Jessica as a cenobite in tight black leather.
RealInuyasha's avatar
Rip the bitch apart.
JGrimmy's avatar
This is so awesome. What a great combination
BadwolfUK's avatar
This is just perfect
ravengator30's avatar
awesome just awesome
EvanescentOceans's avatar
They´d be a nice couple!!
MDetector-5's avatar
This is very good. The colors are nice and bright, and I like her expression :)
KaneGulock's avatar
There is no good or even remotely decent outcome for Mrs. Rabbit
kaaslave's avatar
Do toons and Hellraiser really mix? B/c I can only see whatever he does to her looking...well, cartoonish. :D
Dorinis's avatar
Demopan? *smacks pinhead with demopan*dominated
EvilMister's avatar
Looks like Pinhead may need some additional....hooks! :P
ragingspacebull's avatar
Notice how Pinhead doesn't fall for her good looks...
xKillJoysx's avatar
Total support of the horror kinky feel to this
savagehenry89's avatar
sixxdawg's avatar
Awesome piece…I love it!
Ghostly-darkness's avatar
O.O...Looks like Jessica got into a spot of trouble.
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