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GBChibi Predator

By gb2k
GBChibi Predator
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KyaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaahhh! How can an out of this world killer
be so adorable??? I wanna hug him!
Heart Love Heart for you 
ZoeyIcebin32's avatar
Cutest hunter ever
please let me use your designs to sell shirts online
I will put your name on each of them at least so I could pay you with free publicity if you are interested until later.
MaryQahnaarin's avatar
Awwwwww!X3 Emote :eeeee: Soooo cutePikachu want it 
MunnStaarArt's avatar
Something so lethal.....yet sooo cute ;) nice work
yautjapredator's avatar
oh!! the toon's predator
lovefistfury's avatar
Guitardemon-17's avatar
Of all the predator pictures i've seen this one is the most badass.
Korithetramp's avatar
oh... this makes you want to pick him up and squeeze you, despite the weapons
XenaTheAlienChick's avatar
epic chibi can you do one of alien please?
DarkZeroXII's avatar
LeoOfChaos's avatar
i think u placed averything backwards there... his chestplate is on the left side (covering the heart), the claws are on the right hand, and the shoulder cannon is on his left shoulder. Aside that, its cool
bendrago's avatar
Cute but deadly ? ;-)
elmoisemo6's avatar
If I ever see Predator I won't be scared because of this.
All of a sudden, it feels like I'm less likely to run away now.
DisturbingAvarice's avatar
Mathi-das-M's avatar
he's so cute >w<
hm... will he kill me if I want to hug him? :XD:
Draikar's avatar
Simultaneously cute and aggressive looking. Very well done. :)
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