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Firehawk commission

Commission of Firehawk (DC character)

*Ink + Marker on 11x14 Bristol stock
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Very awesome! This takes me back to the simpler days of my youth! Thank you!
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this looks really bad-ass.
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Beautiful piece!
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you rarely draw full-body artworks and it is a pleasure to see this one :)

great work^^
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Now that's one I haven't seen in a while but an awesome rendition!
LenAlox's avatar
O_O Nice work. Not much of a comics person, but that would get me reading one. I may or may not have a thing for women with the power to fly.
WickedPrince's avatar
Cool character. :)

Now I wonder why I'm imagining her as the child of Nightwing and Starfire? :)
USSteele's avatar
I always loved this version of her costume. To bad they messed up her character.
maktown's avatar
This is the girl from the Firestorm comics, love it!
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I agree- it's always good to see a less-known comics character, even if she's fully clothed. :)

Anyway, for anyone who's interested, here's Firehwawk's bio on the DC Comics wikipedia: [link]
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Looks awesome! I don' think there is a lot of Firehawk fanart out there.. she has a cool character design. I think the only time I've ever really even seen her in anything was back in identity crisis.
GuyverSnake's avatar
This is a nice change to your usual style.
Dramatic pose and great colours too.
CreativeJuices's avatar
w00f! She's a spicy one! *sizzles*
dorkonx's avatar
lady death+storm+phoenix=firehawk
Cybernator27's avatar
the artwork in my opinion is well done (not being biased but just truthful)
RABguy's avatar
Whoo, that's an awesome Firehawk!

Man, brings back memories of some of my old Firestorm comic books...
KaijuDuke's avatar
I've never heard of her but I love her design :D
Gunmetalblack's avatar
Awesome work! It's always cool when some of the less-common DC chics. :) Excellent work! Very well done!
Roguewing's avatar
One of my all time favorite DC ladies.
You did well with her here. Nice work
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