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COTN - Allure

By gb2k
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Children of the Night #47 - Allure

*Ink + Markers on 11"x17" bristol stock


11x17 Print Available! -> [link]
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LudedWolf's avatar
Nice!!!! Does she have a story or Bio?
Nethersteel's avatar
I'm not an artist so don't feel I should be commenting on other peoples art.  However I do think this is nicely done.
M1yamoto's avatar
You don't need to be an artist to appreciate an artist's work. '3
Nethersteel's avatar
Truer words /bow
M1yamoto's avatar
Cool username btw
Nethersteel's avatar
hooksnfangs's avatar
Now check out all that detail in the stockings! :o
MabusTheDark's avatar
Oh yes, Monster girls are always so interesting. Not only is this hot succubus a looker anatomically, she has some expertly-detailed accessories to go with those sweet curves. Your style itself is clean and well-done too, and you should be proud of your skill! :)
gb2k's avatar
Thank you very much! :)
MabusTheDark's avatar
You're very, very welcome! Best of luck in your future works of art, though you obviously don't need it! :meow:
Kiborg-Graph's avatar
Awesome skill! Is this purely traditional art? (made without, or just a microgram of computer retouching) The leather texture looks simply awesome - I've been practicing to achieve such a nice skill myself, but no huge success so far. Maybe it is the lack of practice, or a wrong technique - when you draw leather, do you leave white spaces (not coloured in), or make the light reflections with a white gel ink pen/marker? This looks simply gorgeous! :iconbravoplz:
orangeglasses2's avatar
Oh, baby! *Brave leap*
Bfetish's avatar
Great work!I luv the detail in her stockings.
ghost800's avatar
Beautiful work mate.
PhantomHourglass's avatar
Would be interesting to see her in a Castlevania game
drageta's avatar
oooo why did you put that transperent simble in the middle of the pic. it kills the beauty of the art work.
gb2k's avatar
I know.. but there be pirates out there! :(
drageta's avatar
its like slaping a big happy face sticker on the monalisa. didnt you get a pat pendent on your stile of art? last time i knew you can do that.
mpz28's avatar
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