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My Bio

とおだち大好き~ 私はコスプレイしすきです。~

Rainbows, video games, pizza, kittens, punkrock, 8-bit, chiptunes and sacasm. Yes, I am ingenious.

I play Magic the Gathering and read and loves to collect comics 

Twitter:ギャズ「 G A Z」
Tumblog:k a j i x g y a c o s
Cosplay FB:「 Gyazu-rin 」

Favourite Visual Artist
Jhonen Vasquez and Lee Myoung-Jin, without them and their works, I won't pursue myself being an artist.
Favourite Movies
Solanin, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2, then, Thor.
Favourite TV Shows
I'm an undead fan of Invader Zim... to tell you, that's the only show I like on the TV before this world degenerated... *sobs*
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Kaggra, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Sabrepulse, Anamanaguchi, Vocaloid songs, and yes, I like 8-bit songs, rock, Techno, trance and elektronica. I like Røyksopp too.
Favourite Books
Comic books, GhostGirl, Emily the Strange novel series, Rats in the Kitchen, Carabaos in the Closet:Why are we Hungry?
Favourite Writers
F Sionil Jose, Lewis Caroll,Tonya Hurley,Asano Inio oh, I like Katy Towell too.
Favourite Games
DJ Technika, PoPoLoCrois, Guilty Gear, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Street Fighter, eh, a lot.(Really.)
Favourite Gaming Platform
DSi, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox, 3DS
Tools of the Trade
Watercolour, Ink, coloured pens, coloured pencils, pencils and a pen tablet
Other Interests
Art, Cosplay, Photography, and Music. Oh wait, GAMES.
WHOOOAH! DeviantART changed a  lot and I like it! * w * ) bHello Watchers! It's been a looooooooooongmyalooooooooong time! I was so busy with life and all and I forgot to update dA or to post stuff. It started when I have to finish my college thesis and the following year was really depressing. And some stuff over here and over there, been into dramus, funtiems and awesome times as well. But enough about that! Anyway! I am so happy that photoshoot I worked with johann29 ( was featured several times! I'm flattered and it makes me finish all the remaining skins of Annie that I haven't done yet. I'm targeting to finish Red Riding, Frank
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WOOOOAH. A lot of things have changed in deviantArt! And I like it. * w * ) bHi watchers! It's been a loooooooooooooooooooooongmyaloooooooooooong time. I've been very very very busy with life. Had lots of dramus, funtiems, and awesome times spent. Anyway! I'm happy that the photoshoot I have worked with johann29 ( (HE'S AN AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHER/ARTIST!) earned a lot of features! I am so flattered and this really makes me eager to finish all the costumes for all of her skins. Right now, I'm trying to finish Red Riding, Frankentibbers for Halloween and Frost Fire for Christmas. I'm also beginning to make my Poppy cosplay too. ^^ "I'm rubber
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There are just a lot of deviations need to be stored/vaulted. I have no longer interest in my other deviations or I haven't given my best in doing them so. If you ever faved it, thank you for joining me in my milestone towards improvement. Either by cosplay, arts or photography, thank you. From now on, I've grown and I am now belieng in myself that I can bring the best of the best that I can give. Cheers, gazxiii ( LIKE PLEASE:  COSPLAY FANPAGE FOLLOW: TUMBLOG TWEET ME: TWITTER
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Happy Birthday :cake:
I love your Nyo!Japan cosplay. I shared it in an album of Hetalia cosplays on a Facebook page I help run. I hope that's alright. ^^'' Here's the link:…
WHOAH! THANK YOU! <3 :D I'll be sure to check it out!
happy birthday,  awesome cosplayer!! 6 IN 1!
Hi! :D 
I've seen your picture on dA by johann29, and I'm stoked to say that I actually recognize you a lot from OzineFest! :love: You were in front of me when we were lining up for Team Aza~ (I was Rolling Girl Miku ahahaa)
The moment I saw your other Annies I knew it was you! XD
Kumusta? :meow:
Oh! You were there too in the meet and greet! I think I do recognise seeing a rolling girl Miku that time. :D

Nice meeting you!
I'm pretty fine, how about you? :3