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Star Trek Map Romulan Empire Sector

By gazomg
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Based on the original Star Trek Star Charts and adding in the more recent additions of discovery and other things that appeared on trek since the initial launch.

All the logos and designs are also my own work.
Map measures 4801 x 2700

This is a section of a larger map I am currently working on that measures 21,335 x 12,000 pixels and still more to add.
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4801x2700px 5.48 MB
© 2020 gazomg
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AceNosHobbyist General Artist

So whan are you going to release the full map or atlas?

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still working on it, adding bits when I get the chance, sorting logos, adding other details

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Just wondering where Hobus would be on your awesome map?
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had to google this and ended up on memory alpha and found out it was something in star trek online
I know nothing about this, dont play the games, dont read the books etc...although I did read a stitch in time.
seems Hobus is a star in non canon books son as to where it is  , is up to choice I guess. :D (Big Grin) 
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Yeah there is much conflicting sources about the supernova that destroyed Romulus.

Though Hobus was also in the new Star Trek 2009 Movies with Pine and Quinto. You see a flashback of the nova from Prime Spock's memories, it was in Romulan territory and far from Romulus that the Romulans didn't really see it as a threat.

If it was Romulus' star then they would have evacuated ages before it happened. Apparently some say it was Hobus star while some say it was Romulus' star. I too hope that more info about it in canon form will better explain.

But yeah, artist's choice :)

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I guess by leaving it out, you can decide yourself where it is on the map.

I found another map that like mine was based on the original canon maps of geoffrey Mandel which did include hobus, but that was as you say that artists choice of placement, as the original canon maps are now decades old, so a lot of new stuff in the series that followed were added simply by proximation
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Still yours is very pretty :P

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JonasGrafHobbyist Digital Artist

Very nice, i love Star Trek :meow:

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Cheers IasonKeltenkreuzler
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david-dent-jedaiHobbyist Traditional Artist

....What in the name of the Quantum Mirror?! How did those pointy eared runts get control of that much space??? The Federation has been sleeping on the job again!

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You will have to ask Geoffrey Mandel who created the Star Trek Star charts the map is based on :D (Big Grin) 
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TirangardHobbyist Writer
Great work. I'm really exited for the great Map.

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Thanks Tirangard
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And just when i was playing as the Romulans in Star Trek Online :)
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good timing I guess.
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It sure is :)
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