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A while back, I announced that WOTS4 was in development, in fact it went into development late 2011. So it's been a while. I've wanted to launch it for a while, but I never really saw much point because for most part, it'd just go unnoticed by a community that's moved on.

I've moved on to other things too. I'm spending more time at Simple Machines developing some front end stuff for that new site overhaul, which includes a new Customisation Site. Then there's also the Final Year Dissertation that I recently submitted for marking, and the Youtube Content I've been uploading.

The question I put out is should I work on WOTS4, finish it, and launch it and then never work on a Simpsons site again. The community has moved on, and the chances of any new Simpsons Fan Sites in the internet world of Social Media popping up is slim to none.
steven4554 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This may not surprise you Gary, but I still visit your site from time to time. So my answer would be yes, I would like to see WOTS4 released, but only if you feel it is worth it:) 

I still advertise your WOTS web address on my blog sites and here in my groups.
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June 6, 2014


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