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Screw it. I'm going to move hosts. I'm not going to let silly companies get away with silly demands on me because if you do, you don't get my money it's as simple as that. I have lots of files, big whoop, there's just as many files in a Windows installation.

As a security measure against possible suspension I'm deleting the entire Framegrab set from my host, but it's only going to be temporary and will return along with the entire site after I've moved. Once I've completed a freelance job, and been paid for it, I'll purchase the new hosting and then get everything set up there.

It'll take a few days once I buy, but it wont be as bad, because I can zip up the Frames and upload an entire season in one go.

EDIT: NEW HOSTING BOUGHT. I'm still downloading the site from the old server, so that I have a more accurate set of files, I'll begin uploading those soon. This process will take a few days for the domains to resolve to the new servers and for me to upload the files. Do don't fret, I know what I'm doing. :P

In other Lets Play related news, I'm doing a Lets Play if FINAL FANTASY IX UNLEASHED, a mod for FF9 that makes the game harder, giving characters new abilities, makes enemies stronger, you weaker, and I combined it with another mod that adds new dialogue, and a new gameplay scene. Currently, I'm about to head to Cleyra.
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Submitted on
November 6, 2014