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September 2015.

But don't hold me to that.

Bonus: Do SimpFant things and send them to me for previews! :P
I've been working away on the code for WOTS4, and I figure that some may want to see how my code has improved since I started with WOTS back with WOTS2. (I don't count WOTS1 because it was so crap)

And here we go, as far as I'm concerned the more I can do with less code, the better.

The reason scenes.php was so large in WOTS2 is because it was intended to support viewing the site in TCB or LTBQ so it had to detect them.

editorials.php does work in WOTS3, but was never announced onto the site proper, you can access it like you would any other:…
Yup, this is a repeat of something I posted about 2 years ago with a HDD going belly-up. This time around it's not as serious, though still an issue. Last time, the drive refused to spin after suffering some fall damage that cost nearly £500 to get the data back. I rearranged my entire setup for it but that doesn't mean I'm immune to harddrive failures. In fact, another one failed recently, but that was replaceable since I had the data backed up.

Here, I do not because the drive was too big. Because the drives that's having the issues is my Movies drive which contains my Lets Plays and that's how I earn a lot of the money I've been getting. If I can't upload those remaining videos, then that gametime and those LPs are wasted. Some of the footage is Blind, for Lightning Returns and LittleBigPlanet which have already been uploaded, in part. So I need to get at the remaining videos.

Like I said, the issue isn't as serious where the drive wont spin, because it still does, just that Windows isn't recognising it unless it's under certain conditions. Which is still proving to be problematic.

So I do think it may be in my best interests to rename all the files and then send it off to recovery, which should be cheaper this time around, but only once I've exhausted all other ideas. So, because this isn't a hardware fault, the cost should be much lower, the lowest using the same company I did last time is £97.

Until then, I have some videos recovered, namely the entirety of Final Fantasy IX and Kingdom Hearts (which is 44 + 28 episodes). The former was next after Lightning Returns anyway, so I'm going to upload that in the meantime, if folks want to support me in any way for a possibility of having to recover the drive, I'd appreciate it.

Here's Part 1 of FF9, which is my favourite video game of all time.

EDIT: It's official, the drive, I will now consider dead, or rather, mostly dead, there is a difference between mostly dead and all dead after all. I've put in a query about the drive with the same company I used last time. Apparently one customer in their testimonials had 1.5TB worth of audio books, I can't imagine how they got hold of that much of that content.
I showcased a while back an image of Lucy from Simpsons Fantasy VI as my Sackboy in LittleBigPlanet on PlayStation 3.

Well, for those who are interested, I've started to upload my LittleBigPlanet LP with the first episode available here:

Episodes will be upload alternatively each day between this and my other LP of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

This LP was not recorded with a pack, like Wolves or gum.

Screw it. I'm going to move hosts. I'm not going to let silly companies get away with silly demands on me because if you do, you don't get my money it's as simple as that. I have lots of files, big whoop, there's just as many files in a Windows installation.

As a security measure against possible suspension I'm deleting the entire Framegrab set from my host, but it's only going to be temporary and will return along with the entire site after I've moved. Once I've completed a freelance job, and been paid for it, I'll purchase the new hosting and then get everything set up there.

It'll take a few days once I buy, but it wont be as bad, because I can zip up the Frames and upload an entire season in one go.

EDIT: NEW HOSTING BOUGHT. I'm still downloading the site from the old server, so that I have a more accurate set of files, I'll begin uploading those soon. This process will take a few days for the domains to resolve to the new servers and for me to upload the files. Do don't fret, I know what I'm doing. :P

In other Lets Play related news, I'm doing a Lets Play if FINAL FANTASY IX UNLEASHED, a mod for FF9 that makes the game harder, giving characters new abilities, makes enemies stronger, you weaker, and I combined it with another mod that adds new dialogue, and a new gameplay scene. Currently, I'm about to head to Cleyra.
This is a question I'm putting out to anybody who visits WOTS for any reason.

I'm having repeated problems with web hosts who will throw legal TOS nonsense at me over the number of files I have stored on WOTS which reaches over 450,000. This is a problem since most have inode limits of 250,000 or less. For those that don't know, inodes are merely files, but emails, images, html, and database tables all use an inode.

My budget isn't exactly that high for this, so I have repeated problems when looking for new hosts that I can move to, since the VPS or Dedicated plans that ignore these limits. (VPS can go for about $40/month while Dedicated can go for as much as $100/month with huge variations when you shop around)

So, on my budget for WOTS is, those kinds of plans are well out of my league unless I got a constant stream of financial help from somewhere.

Though another alternative could be to just throw the website into my ISP and electric bills and use an old laptop as the server and host it all there, but that would still require investment in a UPS (Uninterruptible Power-supply) and look into getting it all set up properly, as well as possibly hiring a friend to serve as occasional maintenance if I need it.

But that's a different issue, I'm asking how useful do you consider the Framegrabs to be, and how important do you consider them to be kept.
Okay, this is an official announcement that I'm putting WOTS4 back into development, and then I'm not going to touch the site again, WOTS4 is officially my last hurrah in the Simpsons Community after that my personal designing efforts will go to Simple Machines.

The design will take a while to launch, since WOTS, as was TCB and LTBQ before it, been a place where I can learn new stuff, and obviously, since I finished WOTS3, there have been a lot of new things I've learned and tinkered with, such as Twitter Bootstrap, and LESS.

There's also the fact that I want to move things into a database, and make use out of Project Squall, which was my final year dissertation (that scored 84% if you want to know), this would take a while in of itself. So if you want to help me out when it comes to the insertion of the data from flat file to the db, let me know, it'd save some time when it comes to launching.

In general I should probably say that except for updated framegrabs to whatever the newest episode is at the time I launch WOTS4, there probably isn't going to be any new content in current sections such as Grabpics since both Leif and I have retired from doing them. New sections will popup since I have two already in mind, containing SMF content and the Lets Play Walkthrough's I've been doing.

Submission of certain content I'll allow but really, all it'd be is Fan Fiction and Fan Characters for the compendium.

Any questions, just ask.

A while back, I announced that WOTS4 was in development, in fact it went into development late 2011. So it's been a while. I've wanted to launch it for a while, but I never really saw much point because for most part, it'd just go unnoticed by a community that's moved on.

I've moved on to other things too. I'm spending more time at Simple Machines developing some front end stuff for that new site overhaul, which includes a new Customisation Site. Then there's also the Final Year Dissertation that I recently submitted for marking, and the Youtube Content I've been uploading.

The question I put out is should I work on WOTS4, finish it, and launch it and then never work on a Simpsons site again. The community has moved on, and the chances of any new Simpsons Fan Sites in the internet world of Social Media popping up is slim to none.
I've long since wondered why people liked Simpsons Fantasy and took to the concept that Lisa and Maggie should be the same age so much.

Y'see, to me, I wrote them because I was bored one summer between as I was shifting between colleges. There's no glorious backstory regarding the origins of the fic.

So, I ask, what drew you to the series?
I don't know how many people know about my second "flagship" fan fic, The Simpson Twins, you could say this is my origin to the whole Lisa/Maggie same age thing, since it preceded Simpsons Fantasy in that respect. Simpson Twins was originally written in 2004, while Simpsons Fantasy was two years later in 2006 (at least in its current format anyway, there was a version of Simpsons Fantasy that came slightly before Simpson Twins).

The Simpson Twins is different from Simpsons Fantasy because Lisa and Maggie were born at the same time, rather than taking elements from Final Fantasy IV to achieve the same goal.

On WOTS, there's three versions of The Simpson Twins one is the original prose format, which was followed by a script format of the same story to a tee, then after that is the second edit of the script format which modifies some scenes slightly and made amendments that I thought were necessary after a basic read through on screen.

Amazingly after seven years (since the second edit was actually done in 2005), I still have the printouts of the second edit I wrote on to create the third edit, that I never typed up, so the only person that has ever seen the third edit is me. I did scan it at one point, but I deleted the scanned images.

I'm actually debating with myself now if I should type up the Third edit so that it's actually readable and not a mess of black and blue ink and pencil lines all over the place for 30 pages, but to tell you the truth, I don't want to do it either because it's 30 pages I'd need to type up again, I never really liked the idea of simply editing the old files with the new content, I'd much rather just start from scratch since that way I know that all the new edited content has gone in. Simply posting the scans isn't much of an option either since I had to write on the back of certain pages multiple times. Not that I could actually use the old file anyway, Second Edit's source file was deleted a long time ago.
This isn't the origin story I mentioned, instead, I want to talk about the stat growth in the game for the main six family members.

If you look in the ability list, you'll notice that Homer and Bart have physical based skillsets while the women have magical based sets. While not intentional, you could pin this down as a result of the Simpson Gene.

So here we go with graded stat growth developments. S is the highest grade.


Homer's a monk so true to Final Fantasy tradition his HP and Strength develop extremely fast, while he lacks with Magic. Because he's a fat guy, his speed lacks.


Marge centers around magic, but her magic isn't as strong as Lisa's but it is stronger than Maggie's. Generally, I'd consider Marge to be pretty neutral.


Bart's the fastest, and has decent strength and defence, but lacks any Magical ability.


Lisa is obviously the smartest in the family so she has exceptional magical ability, with okay strength as well, she's the second fastest in terms of speed.


Maggie is the strongest physically, and has strong defence, this given her training with Locke growing up. She learns magic, but isn't too proficient with it. Her speed is seriously lacking, I consider this to be a reference to the fact that she's always falling down in the show.


Lucy's very much like Maggie, though is generally a weaker version, though Lucy is faster than Maggie.
I'm bored, so I'm going to give you some stories behind the history of Simpsons Fantasy, the design process, the origins and some of my inspiration.

First up, I'm going to reveal the origins of the four key weapons Leif and I use in artwork, they are:
Maggie's Maggie Blade
Lisa's Sisterhood
along with the Flametongue and Ice Brand.

For the Flametongue, it takes it's design from the Shadow Knight's weapon in the Simpsons episode Marge Gamer. In the episode, Moe called it the "Flame Sword" which is unappealing to me, so I used the traditional Final Fantasy name "Flametongue" instead. In Simpsons Fantasy it would be Maggie's Fire-type weapon, dealing fire based damaged on a physical attack, with an ability called "Flamestrike"

The Ice Brand comes from the Futurama episode 'A Bicyclops built for two' which Bender swallowed whole after stealing it from Alcazar's wall. It was unnamed in the episode, but because of it's blue colouring, I gave it the ice-type sword name from Final Fantasy. Like the Flametongue it would have the elemental property of ice, given by Icestrike.

The Sisterhood is Lisa's weapon and is a rip of Tidus's Brotherhood sword from Final Fantasy X. The reason she has it is because of a picture I drew of Lisa cosplaying as Tidus which you can find in my gallery. The reason why I named it the Sisterhood should be obvious. Just as much as The Brotherhood is a symbol of the brotherly relationship Tidus has with Wakka, the Sisterhood represents Lisa's sisterly relationship with Maggie.

The Maggie Blade is the only uniquely designed sword in the game. It was designed by a former friend, when we were developing a site together. He drew a Simpsonised version of myself and asked if I wanted to be holding anything, I said a sword, he later asked if I wanted any details on the sword, and I said etch a picture of Maggie's head into the blade, and thus the Maggie Blade was born. Just like Tidus's Brotherhood, the Sisterhood would be Water elemental with "Waterstrike"

There will be more stories, the next one will probably be the origin story.
For those out there who were really interested in Simpsons Fantasy, this will get you going.

This is my announcement that I'm going to be running a contest for short fan fics based around select art pieces from my gallery.

The premise is simple, from the following list of pics I've posted write a small Simpsons Fantasy-esque fic surrounding it. It can be anything you want, it can feature Final Fantasy characters if you so wish.

There are ten pictures to chose from.

A Dying World by Gazmanafc Faraway Hometown by Gazmanafc SimpFant - Naptime by Gazmanafc Fisherman's Horizon by Gazmanafc Fighting Fate by Gazmanafc Top and Tail by Gazmanafc Lucy's First Day by Gazmanafc The White Mages by Gazmanafc Maggie's Nightmare by Gazmanafc Swords on the Beach by Gazmanafc

There aren't many rules, just that I don't want any pr0n style fics, or shipping.
Violence is okay, so long as it's presented as a boss battle.

You may submit the fics in script format (which I prefer) or prose format.

Note one submission per person, and include a link to the pic you're basing your fic on.

Now I'll bet you're wondering what the prize is.


It's a closed copy of the Abandoned Simpsons Fantasy game, fully playable on what we left off with. Basically, the entire rewritten storyline for the original storyline, by closed, I mean that you wont be able to edit it.

leif-j and I will serve as judges.

You have until my 26th birthday of July 17th to submit your entries which should be emailed to me on GAZMANAFC@GMAIL.COM and be sure to include your DA username for reference.
It's Easter, so I have some free time soon enough. (I have a piece due in on Sunday, but once that's done, I'm more free to work on other projects for a little bit)

So, I'm sure there are questions that people will want me to answer in game, so post them here.

Any question about when it'll be released, revived or the like will be ignored.

As I said in the last blog post, I've been playing many games and recording video footage of them. You can find these on my Youtube Channel

Unlike most Lets Players, I prefer to chapter my episodes as chapters of the storyline, so some episodes have totaled three hours in length.

Currently, the only complete Playthrough is Final Fantasy VIII.

But two more Lets Plays are in progress.

Final Fantasy VII for the Playstation, and The Simpsons DS for the Nintendo DS (The Simpsons DS is just what I call the DS version of The Simpsons Game since the DS differs so much)

Other games I have lined up on the schedule in no particular order are:

Final Fantasy IX (my personal favourite in the series)
The Simpsons Hit and Run
Simpsons Fantasy (with Developer commentary!)
Broken Sword 5: The Serpents Curse (Blind)
Final Fantasy X

In the case of Final Fantasy X, my machine isn't powerful enough to run at a constant 60 Frames per second, but it can handle the game fine in most cases, but there will be dips in framerate occasionally. I'll look into seeing if I can reduce the drops, but if not, personally, I don't see it mattering for my enjoyment, but would everyone else be willing to put up with it...?

And for reference the version of Final Fantasy X I have is the PAL version since I live in Europe, so that means I have all the extra content that was included in the International version such as the Dark Aeons and Penance, which I wouldn't fight anyway, but they're there. :P

There's also plenty of other games I plan to feature. Mostly with the Final Fantasy and Simpsons serieseseseses.
I've been doing some non-commentated Let's Plays of Final Fantasy games, which isn't anything special, I've mostly been doing them for leif-j so that he could understand the stories.

But that said, who would like a commentated Lets Play of what was produced for Simpsons Fantasy?
Hey everyone,

Since Simpsons Fantasy is now abandoned, I'm going to release a couple of videos from what we managed to complete.

This is the first town of the game, Frontier Village Dali from Final Fantasy IX.

Check it out, I think you'll find it enjoyable.…
This is a simple announcement to say that I'm scrapping any unwritten and unfinished chapters of Simpsons Fantasy.

This means, that Simpsons Fantasy V, VI-2, VII and VIII will never have intent to be completed and the end of Simpsons Fantasy lies with VI which will be renamed to V in WOTS4.

This does not mean that someone else can just take the titles and write them instead. SIMPSONS FANTASY is a flagship fic of WOTS (as is Twins), so it's important for me to preserve it's story integrity.

This also does not mean I'm gone from writing fan fiction. But it just won't be Simpsons Fantasy.
Cross-posted from the NHC.

Basically, I have been working on a new design, known as WOTS4, but it isn't because I think the site needs one, I still like the current version, though it does have it's share of bugs. I started on the new design in about March if I remember right (which I don't), but I haven't really touched it since June. I've been concentrating more on university and working at Simple Machines, given the promotion I received there back in July.

As a result of not touching anything in six months, I have considered just calling it quits but leaving it online until the domain expires. But I'm not going to do that. I don't want to see this design I've been working on go to waste because I like it too. I also like using the site to help me develop my skills and learn new things on the web that I can use elsewhere. It's kind of become my developing ground for web programming.

As a rule, don't be expecting any new grabpics to be drawn by either myself or Leif. Any "new" ones that do get added will be old drawings we drew that were never added into WOTS3. WOTS4 will focus more on the programming back-end of the site to make it more automated on my part. A new Fan Fic viewer has already been designed to make them look slightly more pleasing to read.

I don't know when the design will appear but it wont be any time soon I'll say that much. It'll at least be "eventually".
I should hope that we all know the direction that Microsoft plans on taking with Windows 8 right? Specifically regarding the Start Screen and the removal of the traditional start menu.

Even though the most publicised method to bring it back through registry edits is gone, there are still work arounds, one such method I found was through Classic Shell an open source software piece that'll bring back the looks from XP, Vista or 7 as you so please.

I upgraded to Windows 8 Professional today after getting my hands on the Final, Release to Manufacture copy two weeks early. My copy is perfectly legitimate with valid license keys. I got hold of it through Microsoft DreamSpark, a service made available to students enrolled at participating universities. I have four license keys available to me to download. 32 and 64 bit versions of both en_US and en_GB, and no, I'm not giving any away. :P

Windows 8 isn't bad once you get rid of the Start Screen to bring back then Start menu, once you do that, Windows 8 isn't really that much different from Windows 7 and may as well be considered a security upgrade if anything.

So personally, the only reason I could see upgrading would be if you buy a new machine that comes with it, buying upgrader discs isn't worth it, just stick with Windows 7. :P