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Simpsons Fantasy Victory Quotes
Homer Simpson: That's a spicy meat-a-ball!
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Terra Branford: Thank Goodness
Locke Cole: You aint got nothing on me!
Edgar Roni Figaro: I will not stop...
Sabin Rene Figaro: Hehe, that was easy!
Celes Chere:
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Simpsons Fantasy Consumable Item List by Gazmanafc Simpsons Fantasy Consumable Item List :icongazmanafc:Gazmanafc 1 2
Homer Jay Simpson
Skill: Blitz
Chakra: Non-Elemental Damage
Demi Shock: Reduces HP by 1/2
Revive: Revives Fallen Party Members
Big Guard: Casts Haste, Protect and Shell on all Party Members
Angels Snack: Cures all status ailments for all party members
Mustard Bomb: Medium Fire Damage
Raging Fist: Cuts through enemy defence
Phantom Rush: Powerful Non-Elemental Attack to one enemy
I Got Your Donut Lardlad: And what you gonna do about it! (Surpeme Non-Elemental Damage to all enemies)
Marjory Simpson
Skill: White Magic
Cure: Restores HP
Cura: Restores HP
Curaga: Restores HP
Curaja: Restores HP
Full Cure: Fully Restores HP
Life: Revives one party member from KO, with 25% of
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Okay, maybe facts need to be faced I really don't have much hope anymore of getting all the info ported from the resources I had in WOTS2 and 3 into WOTS4 without some help. So I'm putting this journal out to hopefully get some.

I don't care if you don't know how to code, you don't need to, most of the site is database driven now, so I'll develop data entry forms. I don't care if you don't know how to do images, for most part they're not necessary, but I can teach where needed.

If anyone is willing to help out, I'd appreciate it and all that needs to be done is to contact me.


Gary M. Gadsdon
United Kingdom
Rules and Stuff.

1. No Requests, Trades or commissions on Fan Art. I'm far too busy for it, however, I will usually reference your artwork in a future piece of my own if my own request/trades are honoured.

2. Artwork will not be accepted into groups unless I submit it to them to begin with, that means two things, first, I have to be a contributor to that group, and all requests for groups I'm not a contributor to will be denied.

3. Commissions on SMF Themes are allowed. The prices are $50 per template file that needs to be modified. Mod installation is also available onto custom and default themes at $10 per mod installed.

4. Comments, I wont usually comment on faves, I will try to reply to proper comments on artwork however.

5. I wont answer meme tags, so don't bother. Such comments WILL be hidden if posted on my profile...

6. Don't invite me to join groups. If I want to join a group, I'll initiate a join request myself.

7. You can find me regularly on MT2 posting a lot.

8. If you're going to use my characters or my design (of Maggie), the attribute the source to me in the description.

9. If you are going to communicate with me in any way, it MUST be in English otherwise it will be ignored and deleted.

10. Do not call me 'Gaz', 'Gazman' or 'Gazza' these are familial nicknames and only family are permitted to use them, comments that refer to me by these names will be hidden.

Current Residence: London
Favourite style of art: Cartoon, Still Life
Favourite cartoon character: Lisa and Maggie Simpson
Best Pony: Scootaloo
Personal Quote: You Don't need a Reason to help people

For my full computer specifications check them out on my blog:…

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