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[DGM FC Collab] - Anurabis Khalil

[DGM FC Collab] Setesh Khalil by ChikitaWolf

[DGM] Set-Anu pixel by ChikitaWolf Egypt Bros by papyrus-tree
- We worked reaally hard on our fancharacters, so some feedbacks would be really appreciated! ;u; ♥♥ Thank you for taking the time to check it out and read it, highly appreciated!<3
And million thanks to Chisy who helped me so much asdfhgfd<33 I learned a lot and enjoyed this so much TuT

This fan character was made in collaboration with ChikitaWolf, and we would love if people checked out both of our twins! ;w;

Anurabis and Setesh were made together and go together, so you won't get the full picture without knowing them both. This is a project we'd been contemplating for a while, and now we're very excited to share the results with everyone ;u; 

We hope you enjoy our experimental, go fucking wild in creation DGM Egyptian twins! ♥

| Personal Information

B a s i c s ;

Name: Anurabis (Anubis) Khalil
Nicknames: Anubis, Anura, Anu (only by Setesh)
Gender: Male
Age: 21 (1 June, 18XX)
Nationality: Egyptian
Blood Type: B
Zodiac: Gemini

Height: 177 cm ( 5'9")
Weight: 77 kg (168 lbs)
Body Type: Muscular physique, strong arms and legs
Notable Markings: eyes meticulously lined with kohl, usually decked out in jewelry (+eye pupils are stylized as diamond-shaped in artwork), small birthmark on left arm (rarely seen as he hides it under clothes)

P e r s o n a l i t y ;

On the contrary of his brother, Setesh, Anurabis a laid back type of person, logical, analytic and almost always calm. He is always 2 steps before others, he can see the world divided into numbers and patterns, that helps him to solve problems quickly and adapt any new enviroment. He thinks before speaking unless he gets embarrassed, in which case he'll say thing he might regret later. He might be less brave than his brother, but he would do anything in order to protect innocent people, and his brother who he treasures the most. With Setesh they're a great combo when it comes to fighting because Setesh's more powerful attacks and quickness to react things, and his own layered strategy and cold headed logical thinking balance them out perfectly, especially when they are fighting alone. He prefers to fight only with Setesh or only 1-2 more people due to the fear of getting them hurt by the fight, even though he is pretty confident in his power and his brother.

When he is interacting with people other than Setesh, he is really gentle and polite, especially with ladies, older people and kids. He might be not a kids person, but he has a big patience for them. With girls, especially with those he find intellectual and pretty too, he can be rather shy and embarrassed towards. He has a big admiration towards smart girls, thus he bond with Rei the quickest when getting into the Order. Their love for mythology, astronomy and different stuffs ( cats, fashion, etc) makes them into really good friends, where Anurabis can finally open up more and gain more confidence in himself when talking to girls. They're both a good listener thus making it easier for them to chat and vent their feelings. He has a great connection with Han as well, as they both love traditional chinese music and both are very spiritual.

Interests: mythology, astronomy, riddles
Likes: jewelry, horror stories, puzzles, fashion, cats
Dislikes: fake people, fake jewels, loudness
Quirks: Before every fight he makes back up plans and imagine scenarios in his head and how the battle could end. With that in mind, he always asks for as many details and informations about the mission as he could, to be able to request the proper amount of support and help, ready for any possibility, even death.
He only lets his brother to call him Anu. If someone else calls him that, he kindly ask them to call him Anura, Anubis or his full name, but not Anu. This is being due to Setesh one time bitten by a snake, and almost dying, as before fainting (and Anura thinking he died), his last word was "Anu". Setesh later got better, but ever since that, he lets only Setesh to call him so.

| P e r s o n a l i t y B a r
[5 = max; 3 = average; 1 = min]
Education: 4
Affinity: 3
Battle: 4
Mental: 4
Flexibility: 3
Logic: 5

| Work Information

P r o f i l e ;

Affiliation: Black Order
Base of Operations: European Branch (HQ)
Occupation: Exorcist
Mentor: General Winters Sokalo
Partner(s): twin
Golem: standard issue black with tail ending into an ankh form and golden egyptian make-up (by his request)

Preffered Mission Types: Known as the "Black Order's Twin Summoners," Setesh and Anurabis excel at mass Akuma extermination; when not on missions together, Anurabis likes to help out with his strategical skills and plans, resulting in saving many innocent life. Also he gives out advice to exorcists preparing to go on missions and sharing some informations with the Finders to prepare them better. Occasionally he helps out at the Intelligence Division.

 Limitations/Punishments: While Anurabis is considered as a strong exorcist he never goes on solo missions due to his weaker defense in opposite of his brother, Setesh. Otherwise, he is a great supporter, so he rarely needs to be limited or punished, unlike Setesh, whom he rescued quite a few times from bar fights.

A n t i - A k u m a W e a p o n ;

Innocence Name: Anubis' whisper
Innocence Type: Equipment ( Ankh-headed sceptre)
Syncronization Rate: 88%
Deactivated Form: small sceptre with the symbol of Ankh as a head and a simple obtuse end. He carries it around in his bag on his belt

Level 1 | Whisper from Underworld
Anurabis' Ankh-sceptre glows in yellow light and grows up to 140 cm, or longer if needed. He can protect himself with the ability to manipulate the bandages on his sceptre to make a decent temporary shield. Additionally they can be wrapped around his arms, legs etc. to keep the bleeding back and heal only small wounds and scratches.
  • [ Screams of Void ] An ability where Anurabis move his sceptre around, strongly hit the ground with it and summon undeads of Anubis from the Underworld. They stand in defense and mindless mode, Anurabis has to "breathe life" into them. He points the sceptre towards the undeads and he blows into the hole of the Ankh and thus breathing life into the minions so they can move and fight.

    + He can summon only 7 undeads at maximum. All of them can be defensive or offensive, and he decides on which ones to be defensive and which ones can be offensive. He rarely summon all the 7 undeads, either if he has to fight alone, or Level 3 or higher level of Akumas are the ones he has to fight against. They fight with different type of egyptian weapons, mostly handheld scythes called Khopesh. If Anurabis has the sceptre taken from his hands and hasn't returned in 5 minutes the undeads go berserk and attack everyone, not only Akumas.

    + The bandage on his sceptre can be wrapped around the undeads and used as a temporary small healing "armor", just like how Anurabis uses it on himself.

  • [ Wrath of Anubis ] An attack where Anurabis now summons a powerful (has the strength of 4 undeads) servant with animal head. This servant can fight on his own without needing Anurabis' directions. Anurabis can give him more commands if he needs to rather protect people instead of fighting. Anurabis' bandage from the sceptre can be wrapped around the servant (only him at this move), and can be used as a trap when needed. The bandage wraps around the akuma and holds it back for a while, giving a chance for the servant and additional exorcists to destroy it. Once the akuma is destroyed or the bandage is damaged, Anurabis has to recharge it by putting another pack of bandage on his sceptre and fill it with the power of his Innocence. This usually takes 5-10 minutes, depending on the length of the bandage.

    + The Anubis servant can get destroyed by Level 3 Akuma or by Level 2 Akuma if getting beat up too long or swamped. Anurabis needs around 2-3 minutes to resummon him, slightly weakened.

    + With the servant summoned, he can summon 3 more undeads as well, but he rarely summons undeads when the Anubis servant is out, unless he has to protect others.

    + The 3 undeads also obey the servant too, making Anurabis' job a bit easier, and to gain more time for protection. If one of the undeads die, it takes 30 seconds to summon it again, but each time it dies and resummoned, its power is weakened.

    + The Anubis servant is usually 220 cm tall, which alone scares everyone around Anurabis except Setesh.

Level 2 Release | Breath of Nephthys
A rush of wind and bright yellow light surrounds the Ankh-sceptre/staff and his sceptre divides into two smaller, hand held sceptre to defense himself and attack smaller level of Akumas. Anurabis' initial bandage technique becomes stronger, and with the Ankh head, he can touch an akuma, mark it with gold paint and can bind it in a circle of 10 meters.
He can bind only 3 Akumas at a time (or 7, Level 1 ones) and wrap some of the bandages around them, constricts Level 1 ones, and while they try to fire, it backfires. It also damages Level 2 ones and slowes down Level 3 and briefly Level 4 Akumas.
  • [ Breath of Nephthys ] Anurabis' strongest attackwhere with a line from the Book of the Dead whispered, Anurabis now moves around his sceptre and hits the ground with the Ankh head of it, summoning a 260 cm tall Nephthys formed Servant, which furiously attacking the closest akumas. She lets out mournful cries while preparing to shoot a fiery breath that incinerates Level 1 and 2 Akumas in a 15 meter range, highly damaging Level 3 ones where another smaller fiery breath from Nephthys would be enough to destroy it fully. While her fiery breath attacks are limitless, the more she uses them, the weaker it gets after a certain time. Anurabis usually doesn't need to use this attack more than 3-4 times, but against Level 4 Akumas or Noahs, he has to attack them countless time with the combination of crying and breathing.

    + When Nephthys get destroyed, it takes 5-6 minutes to be resummoned, but until then he can still summon 4 undeads or one Anubis servant to back her up. Each time Anurabis has to resummon Nephthys, it starts to put strain on Anurabis.

    + Nephthys' mournful cries can temporarly deafen enemies for 5-10 seconds that gives her an advantage to prepare her fiery breathing.

    + When Anurabis wins and Nephthys is still summoned, she descends back gracefully, seemingly leading souls back with herself.

:note: Nephthys and her attacks are heavily based on the Egyptian Goddess, Nephthys, her similarity to a kite/egyptian hawk and its mournful crying, and how she was assumed to incinerating the enemies of the Pharaoh with her fiery breathing. Her scary, yet beautiful look is based on how she was viewed as " morbid-but-crucial force of heavenly transition".

| Background

H i s t o r y O u t l i n e ;

Age 6: Anurabis' brother, Setesh got bit by a snake and nearly died, called Anurabis "Anu" whilst ill from the poison and the nickname stuck

Age 9: Met Akiiki, an orphan girl, and befriended her

Age 12: Steals Ankh-sceptre, his brother steals a Was one. They start yearly mock battles with them

Age 15: Meets Sokalo, Innocence enters his and his brother's sceptres.

Age 16: Recruited as an exorcist to the Black Order along with his brother. Promises to end Holy War before Akiiki can become a Finder. Both twins start apprenticeship under General Sokalo.

Age 17: Successful summoning undeads and Anurabis servant. Much to his suprise, Sokalo approved it quickly

Age 19: Achieves Level 2 Release. Scares the hell outta everyone with Nepthys figure except Setesh who enjoyed the sight

Age 20: Masters Level 2 Release. Deafen Sokalo temporary while using Nephthys' breath to push Sokalo back and burn the shirt of him which Anurabis later had to pay for. Sokalo approves, and after Setesh masters his Level 2 Release, sends the twins to the Order HQ as fully trained exorcists.

H i s t o r y ;

Anurabis and his twin brother Setesh were born to a couple of rich Egyptian collectors. While their parents were not at all supporters of Ismail Pasha's "We are now part of Europe" and the abandonment of the old ways[1], their work as scholars and influence in various native groups kept them in play with politics and advisory in the upper-class elite of Egypt. As a result, Anurabis and Setesh were never in want growing up. This is not to say, however, that they were the ideal good children - in fact, they took after their parents a little too strongly, and this showed in their subtle rebellious and trouble-making attitudes. They completely ignored the well-to-do coptic Christian or Muslim ways of life and instead immersed themselves completely in uncensored Egyptian mythology, which was easy considering their home was full of collected ancient Egyptian artifacts, constantly being switched out, given back to native groups, or lended to museums. Whenever their parents were busy, the twins would go so far as to "sneak out" (hired professional caretakers following in the shadows) and look for tombs and ruins in the desert. It was during one of this trips that Setesh was bitten by a snake and nearly died - almost traumatizing Anurabis in the process - but miraculously survived. Ever since that, Anurabis only let Setesh to call him as Anu, and that became also a reassurement for him that Setesh is still alive and strong. Despite this setback, they didn't stop their adventures. Their antics and attempts to embrace and learn about the old Egyptian ways made them friends to many older and traditional Egyptian natives, who were only to happy to indulge the two (especially when the twins offered to barter their jewelry for more information). It was also in this way that Anurabis and Setesh met their childhood friend Akiiki.
When the twins were 9 years old, they were on their usual daily adventure when a little orphan girl tried to steal from them both. She had been attracted to their excessive gold piercings. The three immediately got into a tousle, the little girl not giving up and Setesh determined to get the last hit in. Anurabis ended up having to hold Setesh back before serious injuries occurred, and the little girl at that point was too exhuasted to continue. The three rested in the alley and chatted until they had caught their breathes. The little girl, who introduced herself as Akiiki, told them how her parents had died a few years back and that she was staying at a poorly funded orphanage nearby. There'd been food shortages lately, and as a result her and some of the other orphans had turned to desperate means to get food and money on their own. Setesh was less interested in her history and more in her strong attitude and fighting spirit. Anurabis was hit in the feels, being weak to sob stories and feeling emphathetic towards her plight. The two twins, therefore, decided to befriend Akiiki; or as Setesh said "I like her, let's keep her." From then on they invited Akiiki on their adventures, and the troublesome twosome often became the troublesome threesome.

Ever since Setesh was seven, he'd occassionally had mood swings. They were minor and only Anurabis seemed to notice them. However, as years passed, Setesh began to exhibit more violent mood swings. He would be calm one moment, then verbally attack his brother or anyone close without provocation. Setesh was unable to communicate that he didn't understand what was going on, let alone understand what was wrong with himself either, and his social bonds took a turn for the worst. By the age of 10 he began to let go of attachments and push everyone away, including Akiiki and even his parents - his parents especially, as they didn't understand what was wrong either and could only dish out punishments for his bad behavior. Setesh couldn't let go of his brother though, and the fear of hurting him began to consume him. Anurabis was about as lost as everyone else, not knowing what to do and freaked out by Setesh's unpredictable behavior - especially when it was directed at him. For a long time, Anurabis became insomniac because of his anxiety and fear of losing Setesh while asleep. He had a hard time learning how to handle Setesh' moodswings, but eventually they figure it out. Finally the day came where Setesh's frustrations spilled over and he lashed out fully at Anurabis. During his tirade and insults, Setesh caught sight of Anurabis' hurt expression and broke down. He began to pull at his hair, screaming and cursing everyone and everything. Instead of damning Setesh like Setesh expected, Anurabis instead reached out and held him, stopping him from hurting himself and rubbing his back until Setesh had shouted his voice hoarse.  While the brothers never spoke about the incident, it became clear that day that Anurabis had become Setesh's anchor. Setesh never lashed out at Anurabis again. Anurabis showed a great support to Setesh and trained himself hard not to take Setesh's moodswings personal. While Setesh's mood swings continued, the twins learned how to deal with them together; and if they hadn't been inseparable before, they definitely were now.

When Anurabis and Setesh were 12, their uncle sent their parents some new artifacts he'd come across to examine. It was a small collection of sceptres that had been found in an unmarked tomb. Predictably, Anurabis and Setesh got into the box when their parents got wrapped up in a meeting. Using gloves and careful hands, they examined the sceptres themselves with the techniques their parents had taught them, referencing back to their Egyptology books to try and figure out what kinds they were. In the process, however, Setesh became attached to one of the Was-sceptres, and Anurabis was having trouble putting down an odd one with an Ankh topping it. Deciding that no one was going to miss two out of a dozen sceptres for a few hours, Anurabis and Setesh took them. And like the little boys they were, they ran outside and had a mock battle between the Egyptian gods Anubis and Set - Anurabis as Anubis and Setesh as Set, of course. They so enjoyed themselves that they decided to keep the sceptres and have a yearly mock battle to "test who was the strongest twin."

When Setesh and Anurabis were 15 years old, General Winters Sokalo arrived in town with Kazaana Reed and Chalker Laboun, passing through for a mission farther south in Africa. He came across their yearly mock battle and found their ferocity and competitive fever entertaining. Akiiki was there as well, and when Sokalo asked if the punks were fighting over her, she laughed and explained it to him. During the conversation, two of the fragments of Innocence collected in Sokalo's pockets heated up and shot out of his coat. One fragment merged with Anurabis' sceptre, and the other with Setesh's sceptre. The boys were so surprised by the flash of light and burst of power that they shouted and the Innocence reacted, blasting them backwards away from each other. Socalo found this hilarious and let loose one of his crazy laughs - Anurabis and Setesh immediately assumed the crazy laughing man was to blame and came at him. Sokalo easily defeated the boys, picked them up under each arm, and carried them home, a worried Akiiki leading the way. When the twins' parents got home that night, they found their sons being tended to by Akiiki and a rambunctious, very intimidating looking man in their living room. Sokalo explained the situation to them, using his golem to confirm credentials, and the twins' parents had no choice but to accept Anurabis and Setesh's recruitment. They also agreed to becomes sponsors of the Black Order, and as a result, Anurabis and Setesh get monthly funding from their parents, though they are never permitted to send word or letters back. Akiiki, having been there during the explanation, didn't want to be left behind. She begged Sokalo to take her with him too, but Sokalo told her the only way she could come with them was if she became a Finder, and she wasn't old enough [2]. The next day as the twins were made to say their good byes, Akiiki promised them both that once she was old enough, she'd join the Order as a Finder and fight with them. Anurabis and Setesh were relieved about this at first; but as they started their training with Sokalo and learned of the true horrors of the Holy War, they would promise each other to end the War before Akiiki could ever join. This oath and goal has to this day been the driving force in Anurabis and Setesh's growth as exorcists.

[1] The governor of Egypt, Ismail Pasha, stated in 1879: "My country is no longer in Africa; we are now part of Europe. It is therefore natural for us to abandon our former ways and to adopt a new system adapted to our social conditions." It is doubtful that the vast majority of the Egyptian people agreed with him.
[2] It is not listed canonically whether there is an age limit to Finder recruitment; but because of the emphasis on there being no recruitment age for exorcists and the shocked reactions of as much even at the Order, we've decided there's enough implied to say as much. Our headcanon is that age 16 is the youngest Finders get recruited.

| Extra Information

Q u o t e s ;

"Please step back, dear lady, if my minion would see you, I'm afraid they would be enchanted."

"I pity you. You keep fighting but for what? In the end, you already lost this battle."

"Radammit, Setesh!"

"Nuah.. just let me do it."

"Assumed by the way you're logically thinking, my impression about your intellect could be multiplied with 2 and it would be still a singular number that the IQ of yours."

"Min fadlik la tifl hdhaan, wakunt eazizuna li." ("Don't do this, you're dear to me" - in arabic - to Setesh whenever he risks his life)

"I kindly ask you not to call me Anu. By all my respect, I would prefer Anura, Anubis, or my full name. I hope you understand and respect my request."

"If the fish can dream about flying, you can achieve your dreams too."

"Wishes made upon the dead stars might seem useless, but the dead never forgets."

"Today you died gracefully here, tomorrow you're fighting side by side with me. Your death was never in vain."

"I found it. I finally found it. I found the ultimate Osiris imitator, Setesh. Look at how ugly he is. Radammit, I can't wait to kick his ass" (about Earl to Setesh)

"Shukran" ("Thank you" in arabic - he is really polite and thanks everything)

"To know that there is a lovely lady with the same interest as me both amazes and fascinates me. I feel honored to be able to talk with you, Aleaziz!" ("aleaziz" - dear in arabic - to Rei)

" You should highly appreciate the woman who fell in love with you, my comrade, because it's rare to find a girl as charming and intelligent yet strong and independent as her. Please cherish her, because I think highly of her, and would want her to have a happy life" (to Kanda about Rei)

T r i v i a ;

- Never say or do anything bad to Setesh or you have the face with the wrath of undeads. Seriously.

- "Anurabis" is a name that was based onn the name of Anubis. His family name, "Khalil" means "companion" in Egyptian arabic.

- He likes to drink coffee a lot, but more for the taste than for the results. His favorite coffee is ice coffee.

- He likes cats a lot. More than average people. He also worships Bastet.

- Mention him anything related to astrology and you won him over. He can't stop talking about it, even though he doesn't talk much usually. His favorite astronomical phenomenons are blackholes.

- Anurabis can be pretty embarrassed and shy when it comes to "love" as he only just admire beautiful (inside and outside) people, but rarely has the chance to get to know them better. He is a hopeless romantic but tries to hide it. When receiving compliments he thanks them, and acts proud, but he is pretty awkward and shy about it. He secretly reads lots of romantic novels.

- His favorite colors include black, gold, red and blue, but he likes to mix them with purple too.

- He has a diary he updates every so often. He likes to write facts and interesting things about people around him as well. Besides this, he has lots of books filled with different tactics he came up with, informations on akumas (some that even the Order doesn't know of), and important notes about his partner/partners.

- Despite his rich useage of gold make up on himself, his brother and some other needs, he saves every penny. He doesn't like to spend mony on unnecessary things, but if it's something for someone else (especially his brother), he doesn't hesitate and buys it, no matter what it is.

- He holds and eternal grudge against the Egyptian God, Osiris. Reading about Osiris taking the role of anubis as the God of Underworld, he ended up hating Osiris, and that goes to the length of naming his golem to Osiris so he can belittle him. He named at least 250 animals/people to Osiris he found ugly (ugly for personality for humans). None of them could quell his salt.He can be a little shit too huehue

- He enjoys meditating with Kanda as he finds a great spirituality in it, and much to his spurprise Kanda doesn't seem to mind it. Well, as long as Setesh doesn't join because then it can be pretty noisy and thus Kanda getting angry and leaving, or getting into fight with Setesh what Anurabis has to stop later. Surprisingly though, he has a pretty nice relationship with Kanda as long as he isn't around Rei that much .

- While Anurabis' exorcist uniform is sleeveless, in winter he does wear a sleeved body tight shirt under the uniform, or put bandages over his shoulders, that can also serve as a back up in the fights. He prefers to wear scarves as well. He has a collection of 70 so far, most of them from Setesh, from people in different countries where he fought and one from Rei as a christmas exchange gifts where he gifted her a constellation formed earring from his collection.

- He likes to get real jewelry for Setesh as he knows how much his brother likes them. A few time he commissioned some jewels that are the only ones in the world, to give him as a special gift.

- If he wouldn't have been an exorcist, he would be an archeologist or travel the world around to share and collect new knowledge.

- One of his lifelong goals is to see his brother, Setesh happy with whatever or whoever he chooses. He would like to live close to Setesh after the war ends.

+ Bio outline, some parts are from ChikitaWolf, she also helped a lot with figuring out the stages for Anurabis' Innocence, writing history, she proofreaded it and fixed my grammar too! Thank you so much bbu!♥♥ We brainstormed together a lot!
+ Some websites I used while creating and writing about Anurabis: [1][2][3][4]  
+ Hollywood Undead - Day of the dead is their theme song that perfectly describes them x3 Many thanks for Chisy for pointing that out<3
+ 2pm - Go Crazy would be a perfect song/video to describe how Anurabis and Setesh would party in a modern AU.
+ Anurabis' undeads were loosely based on the undeads from The Mummy movie. I love those movies a lot Anubis servant and Nephthys servant were based on Anubis and Nephthys egyptian god and goddess.
+ The hieroglyphs I drew/used for Anurabis' name was based on a hieroglyphs chart and I used several videos and tutorials on it, but it might be still wrong, but I decided to stuck with it.

Set-Anu-cheebs by GazeRei

Hope you like it! ;u;
DGM © Hoshino Katsura
Setesh Khalil © ChikitaWolf
Anurabis Khalil, art © Me
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I love ancient egypt, and I'm so glad to have this chara <3
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