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What even is this site anymore?
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Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 & PaintTool SAI | iPad 10.2, Apple Pencil, & Procreate | Photoshop CS5

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This account belongs to Kaerralind and FawnVaughn

We enjoy making new species as well as doing personal art. Mostly doing personal art.

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[P] Kija
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Together forever and always.

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We're still here!!

We're still here!!

With eclipse coming in and we're being (involuntarily) forced to switch tonight to it, I just wanted to let all our watchers know that we'll still be here! When the devs announced that the site would be formally switching I voluntarily switched to see how different it is. And while I'm still very... unfond of it... I'd rather accept the change than try and fight something they're never going to revert. That being said, Vaughn and I are still here and still active. :3 We also have a discord if you want to message us!



Hi guys! I'm looking for some YCH (Your Character Here) commissions! Please nothing over $25 D: Please no Auctions Humanoid YCH Only, please don't link only anthro/furry ones Please no Points! I only have $$ Please only SINGLE character YCHs. SFW only. Do not link NSFW the character I want is basically a child. I'm not going to reply to your comment here. If I'm interested I'll comment on the open YCH.

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- Alex
Thank you for the heads up message about mature content not allowed! I'm replying this way as to keep your notification in my storage to warn me about that rule c: Wish you a nice day~
I'm curious who did your coding for your page? It's amazing looking!!
I did actually. :3
It's a mix of a whole 3 resources. XD
You wouldn't happen to have a link to said resources or such? I've been looking to redo my page, but can't find any info about coding for DA x-x
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Hi there, GazeCreative! I've heard that you roleplay. If this is true, do you wanna roleplay with me?
Your source of information is true though we’ve restricted our rping to just close friends and one another. Sorry about that!