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MLP Next Gen List
    Welcome to my MLP Next Generation OCs. This list might be changed or added in the future. I’d also like to say that I don’t watch the show much anymore. This is listed by the oldest foal, then to their half-sibling if they have one, and then back to the age thing. Each character has their own story. First comes their names, then sexuality and/or gender, then age, and last species. Example: Name - gay, age 18, unicorn pony son. also this list ain't got no images

    First of all; the Mane Six and the adults beyond are now 20 - 50+.  
    Second; I know real horses live up to 25 - 30, but let’s just agree that the horses in this show don’t really follow the rules of our universe. Therefore, no, I will not follow true horse biology.
    Third; the kids of the CMC and young characters are in a different timeli
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Warriors: Prophecy Of Five: Silhouette - Chapter38
Chapter 38
    Pastelpaw smiled, gazing at the elders who were brought to Lizard’s. Stormpaw was beside her, grooming her white pelt as if she were a kit. She didn't mind. It brought back the few happy memories she had as a kit in RiverClan. Despite Swimstar being corrupted now, he was once a good father, a very long time ago. The heat was becoming too much to bear. Together, the two walked into the nursery, queens and kits from all the Clans sleeping and playing. Cold air swam over their pelts. Pastelpaw had the urge to stick her tongue out as if to taste it but held her tongue in.
    “Let’s go see Maplestep’s kits.” Pastelpaw insisted. Stormpaw agreed with a smile.  
    “Hey!” Before they could find the light brown tabby queen, Heatherpelt called for them, Russetflame using her as a head pillow. Pastelpaw saw Heatherpelt’s three sons suckling.
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Princess Gallow Gleam

Name: Gallow Gleam (Last Name: Young)
Nickname(s): Gal, Gleamy, Galeam
Parents: Silverstream and Gallus

Half-Sibling: Horsetail
Species: Hippogriffon
Build: Straight/rectangular
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Special Talent: Flying

Occupation: Princess

Place of Birth and Residence: Hippogriffia


    Gallow is a shy, repressed, unsure, insecure, confused, and moody halfling of a hippogriff/seapony and a griffon. Around her subjects, she is hesitant and always second guesses herself. Around her parents and half-brother, she’s always quick to be rude or snap at. She’s easy to upset and hard to impress.

Facts: She alternates between tuxedos and dresses for important events but always wears Skystar’s old flower and necklace, is extremely loyal, rambles when around attractive chics, bubbly and talkative when she speaks about things she enjoys/loves, kinda acts as Novo’s protector

Quirks: Sometimes makes a convo all about her, doesn’t stand up for herself, makes rash choices and sticks with them without apologies

Likes: Flying, the clouds, the sky, being high above the world where no eyes can judge her, racing, history, aster flowers, and fresh scones

Dislikes: Being a seapony, swimming, water, cheaters


    Studying history, attending Junior Flyers For Griffons school, overseeing the flower garden, guarding Queen Novo against danger


    Gallus - Gallow is a giant daddy’s girl and a good relationship with him. Despite, Gallus is a tad harsh on her without knowing it, like sometimes when Gallow is super nervous about something, he goes “just get over it. You’re a pretty girl, you can do it. Just look at you're hair!” … which led to her cutting her hair because it made her feel like the only thing that was pretty about her was her hair… but otherwise, they good

    Silverstream - Gallow’s had a tough relationship with her mother ever since Silverstream cheated on Gallus with General Seaspray and conceived Horsetail. Gallow hardly listens to Silverstream anymore and retorts anything the whore says. And when Silverstream sobbed about Gallow coming out of the closet, saying “we’ll get you the best doctor in Equestria, we’ll cure you!”, Gallow’s hatred for her grew. To this day, Silverstream watches her own daughter from afar.

    Horsetail - She was always cold to Horsetail. She never wanted a sibling, much less one of a different father. She never took the time to get to know him, no matter how much times Horsetail tried to be normal with his own sister. When he turned 13, Horsetail and Gallow were forced to both hang out at Junior Flyers For Griffons, since Horsetail also was interested on attending. Gallow had to spend the day guiding him around the school, but at the end of the day, Horsetail let out that he never asked to be born, that he didn’t want to be treated like the mistake he was. Gallow grudgingly puts her wing around him in comfort… and then, suddenly, they became best buds.

    Queen Novo - Ever since Gallow ascended to royalty, Novo tried to keep her distance--she didn’t want to act as if Gallow was her child--but Gallow was huffy and teary about Silverstream and Novo couldn’t help but cuddle the chubby bab. Now, Gallow and Novo have more of a mother/daughter relationship.  

    Captain Seaspray - Gallow wanted to hate him at first, she really did, but Seaspray was just so remorseful about hooking up with a married hippogriff! She came around to him as the only thing he wanted was to know his son--he didn’t want a relationship with Silverstream at all! Gallow was kinda happy to have him around, since she didn’t want Horsetail stealing time with Gallus. She was a bridesmaid when Seaspray married Stratus Skyranger!

    Genevieve - Her guide when she first came to Junior Flyers. At first from far away, Gallow thought Gen was a drake (word for male griffon) but when Gen flew down and her long hair flew out of her face, Gallow realized Gen was a reeve (word for female griffon). When Gen stepped up to her, Gallow’s heart was beating so fast that she actually, very quickly, leaned in for a kiss but fell on her damn face. Gen pretended not to notice. Gen showed her around and they bonded… they became close friends in a matter of minutes, always together, sneaking off to see each other, giving each other flowers which they both loved, just… very touchy-feely. Until that day Gallow accidentally rambled on about how much of a giant crush she had on Gen… to… Gen’s face… because, you know, she’s an idiot. The night after, Gen snuck to Hippogriffia to see Gallow and admitted Gallow had feelings for her, too, and boom, they secret lesbians together <3

    Butterfly Cocoon - Gallow’s pen pal and only other friend in her school. Cocoon understood what it felt like to be half-griffon, half-something-else, so they clicked easily. Cocoon doesn’t have a big passion for flight, she just enjoys it, but mostly stays at the school for the other, less promoted classes, such as art and design. Gallow was the one that paid for Cocoon to even go to Junior. They both share a love of animals and nature


    Gallow was born to be nothing but a loved daughter, not a Princess. As a young hippogriffon, Skystar would babysit her, up until Skystar didn’t show up for it. Silverstream was worried and called Novo on her mirror, but Novo said that Skystar had left a while ago. Fearful, they sent out a team that came back with Skystar’s body. They held a ceremony for her, and afterward, enchanted her coffin to fly into the clouds, returning Skystar to the sky from whence her loyal griffon ancestors came.

    At the young age of three, Gallow became the Princess in place of Skystar, planned to serve the kingdom of Hippogriffs/Seaponies after Novo joins her daughter in the afterlife. This was around the same time Horsetail was conceived.

    Because griffons are prone to always be faithful to their mate, Gallus didn’t leave Silverstream. He decided to stay and raise Horsetail as his son, shared between Gallus and Seaspray. Gallow didn’t much like this

    And for some odd reason, Gallow never felt anything for any of the males she knew. In Seaquestria/Hippogriffia, same-sex relationships are looked down upon and considered a sickness that latched onto griffons from ponies, thus when a pony and a griffon mated and created hippogriffs hundreds of years ago, the illness was spread to the hippogriffs. So she never acted on her homosexual feelings and would mentally punch herself whenever she got a crush on another female.

    When she came out to her family, she did it by introducing them to her special some griffon. Now, Gallow’s family knew that she had met someone, but they all assumed she had met a male griffon named Gen! Now, Horsetail was the first one Gallow told about Gen being Genevieve the reeve, and he reacted fine to it, even encouraging her to go on with her plans for Gen and her parents to meet.

    The day of, Gallow’s way to coming out was Gen flying down saying, “Hi, I’m Gen, short for Genevieve! I’m dating Galeam!”, then Gen kissing Gallow’s forehead and looking at Gal’s family.

    Horsetail had two thumbs up. Gallow seemed surprised, but not displeased or mad. Silverstream, though… she looked horrified, confused, shattered… upset, basically.

    After Silversteam said that thing about Gallow being ill for having feelings for Gen, Gen and Gallow left to Queen Novo’s. Novo didn’t take the whole “IM GAY” thing that hard, she seemed perfectly fine with it.  

    Then Silverstream came to Novo’s to vent. Gen and Gallow hid but overheard everything Silverstream said. Gallow lowered her chin in pain, and Gen huffed and stomped out of their hiding place. She looked Silverstream right in the eye and glared at her. After Gen said some things that made Silverstream realize how… unsupportive she was being, Silverstream apologized and everything got back to normal.

    Oh and also Butterfly Cocoon is the biggest shipper of Gen and Gallow 
    If you want to see her pallete, here's the link, but some qualities may differ: Gallow Gleam 
    If ya wanna learn about Gallow's girlfriend, have her template: Germa Grizelda .... okay fine that's Gen's older sister because I haven't made a template for her yet. bUT I WILL... SOON... OK??

Inferno/Kindle Smoke

    "...Out of flame and shadow... a foal was brought forth... Destined to plunge Equestria into blazing darkness."
Inferno/Kindle  (Last Name: Smoke)
Nickname(s): Kinferndle, Cig, Fireboy/Firegirl
Foster parents: Ocellus and Smolder Smoke

Foster sibling: Sugarmoth
Species: Earth Pony??? Probably?? We think?? Maybe not???
Build: Petite
Age: 20
Gender: Fluid
Sexuality: Gynosexual (attracted to females)
Special Talent: Designing and editing clothing to create fully fire-proof clothes

Occupation: Owner of “Smokin Outfits!” store

Place of Birth: Perilous Peaks (?)
Place of Residence: the City of Jewelcopia in the Dragon Lands


    Cool, calm, and usually collected. But when somepony assumes his/her gender or questions his/her identity, Inferno/Kindle becomes loud, raged, and fierce.  

    If someone is bullying their friends, family, or a random queer stranger, she/he goes into scream-so-loud-they’ll-make-your-ears-bleed mode. She/he instantly runs over and starts arguing and basically ready to battle to the death to defend that creature. Otherwise, they don’t give a damn shit

    Loves fondly teasing others and receiving teases in the same tone, but use the wrong words or the wrong tone and the poor orange bb will start to cry

    Likes to dress butch and punk

Facts: Has a spell on them that measures their dysphoria to decide whether or not to have a mare’s form or a stallion’s form upon waking up  

    Worked as Rarity’s apprentice and got fired because he/she kept setting the clothes on fire (still not sorry)

    Attended the School of Friendship and grew an interest in dragon culture. Does dragon holidays and strongly believes in their culture

    No idea whose crotches spawned her/him

Quirks: Looks strong but is kinda weak as fuck

    Easily insulted or offended  

    Hard to flatter  

    Speaks with a sarcastic voice when scared or sad or when trying to be genuine  

    Would die if Ember or Torch commanded her/him to (she/he got a shrine of the Dragon Lord)

Likes: Fire, dragons, gems, magic, headwear, makeup, clubs, fireworks, pop rock candy, rock music, energy drinks that are hotter than titties, burning bubble lava baths

Dislikes: Cold climates, queerphobia, cold drinks/food, being mistaken for a female when defining as a male


    Casting dark magic, helping Rarity design clothes, being Spiral Scratch-Melody’s hype-pony, competitively swimming in lava with dragons


    Smolder; she/he always loved hearing Smolder’s tales of the Dragon Lands and feels as if Smolder is the best mother Kinferndle could’ve asked for. They also relished in the feeling they got when Smolder used them to test out girly outfits, since they had a very similar fur/scale color.

    Ocellus; Ocellus didn’t think being so in love with dragons was good for them. She also didn’t believe that Kindle’s dark magic practice and the spell on her was safe. This caused a lot of arguing over who--or what--Inferno really was. Their relationship still isn’t repaired.  

    Sugarmoth; Born after Inferno was adopted, they always felt as if their mothers loved her more, but eventually grew to love their little sister. They taught Sugarmoth all about dragon culture and some things she knew of changelings, and Sugarmoth repaid Inferno/Kindle by making sugar moth orchids for Inferno’s shrine. They write letters (most of his/her letters have burn marks) to one another and Inferno visits Sugarmoth in White Tail Woods.

    Spiral; His/her best friend. Growing up, filly Spiral and colt Inferno had a shared bond over their gender dysphoria. Whenever they were alone together, Spiral would call Inferno whatever name and whatever pronouns they felt right and vice-versa. Both came out to their families about their dysphoria together. They share a strong bond and hype each other up so much that a lot of creatures think they’re heads over heels for one another. Sadly, Spiral is attracted to males and Inferno is attracted to females (rip).

    Lisoma (pronounced lee-see-ma); Mentor of the dark arts. Lisoma is a female zebra that lives at Perilous Peaks, near the Kirin tribe. She indulges in their magic while still staying true to her zebra culture. She makes potions, medicines, and studies the strange world they live in. Lisoma finds Inferno when he’s a newborn baby colt and takes him in . . . she does an experiment on him, trying to figure out who his parents are, but the spell backfires and ends with her house burning. This is the reason she named him Inferno. She brought him a pony orphanage when he was 2 and a half. After years of not seeing Inferno, she was surprised when he landed on her doorstep at the age of 13. He had run away from his foster parents, a lesbian changeling and dragon couple. Lisoma gave him shelter and food and asked why he came for her of all creatures. Inferno frantically explains that he feels as if sometimes he is in the wrong body and the pain of not being a mare for those times have been having… unwelcomed affects. Lisoma cast the spell that made him into a mare or a stallion at Inferno’s will. Inferno/Kindle visits her regularly and has become Lisoma’s apprentice and assistant, no matter where he/she is.


    At a young age, Inferno seemed strangely aware of everything . . . the poor kid was only a few months old before he started casting Lisoma’s spells and reading her studies. Lisoma knew that Inferno was special and it was for that she started to test him with her magic. She ended up accidentally screwing up and turning the now 1-year-old into a filly. Oddly, Inferno didn’t mind. He got very into it. The next day, though, Inferno seemed to freak out… he could talk at that age (how the hell?) and said he was in the wrong body. About a year and a half after Lisoma did that and figured out how to make him a colt again, Inferno ended up running away, but the Kirins helped find him and Rain Shine insisted that Inferno live with the ponies. With a heavy heart, Lisoma did what Rain Shine asked, enrolling the foal she’d raised into a Canterlot orphanage for ponies.

    At the age of three, Inferno was adopted by married couple Ocellus and Smolder and became their beloved son and their future equally as loved daughter.

    When Inferno was 18, Ocellus and he got into a fight, but this time it was bigger. In his rage, Inferno let slip a dark chant that set Ocellus’s horn on fire. Smolder quickly put it out and screamed at Inferno. In shock, fear, and guilt, Inferno raced out of the house and began his/her travel to the Dragon Lands. Kindle/Inferno built a life there, made friends, dated dragons, bought a home, opened a store, and soon his/her line of clothing was selling richly!

Germa Grizelda

Name: Germa (Last Name: Grizelda)
Nickname(s): Ger, Ma, Germander, “Minty-Wingy-Griffy-Girly-Pretty-Baby-Boo” (only her coltfriend calls her that)
Parents: Greta and Gilda 
Siblings: Genevieve and Gordon 
Species: Griffon 
Build: i think people call her body type “pear”??? She’s just like really lithe on her upperbody and chub-chub on her lower body 
Age: 24 
Gender: Female since birth 
Sexuality: Straight af, but will lead a pride parade at her gay moms or gay sister’s call 

Occupation: Part-time waitress for the local diner

Place of Birth: Las Pegasus
Place of Residence: Canterlot’s Chef Academy


    Germa is a mischevious 24-year-old griffon who’s dating the pony Groove. She’s blunt about who she is and what she wants, but is oddly sweet to those who truly know her. Alone with her coltfriend Groove or her parents or siblings, she’s actually very sweet and kind. Gen and Groove are trying to convince her to be kind all the times, but, yeah, you can’t change griffons so quickly... will be another 100 years before Germa says “thank you” in public.

Facts: Had a dream of being a pro acrobat as a fledgling until she tasted Gilda’s scones and instantly was like wO MAMA TEACH ME YOUR SKILLS

    Vists family and friends every weekend

    Thou is very straight, she has had sexual relationships with other females before and knows that’s not what she wants. Sorry ladies

Quirks: is easily jealous but keeps the feelings inside her until she blows up and yells at her stallion for saying “hey” to his mothers

    Will fight you if you flirt with her boy but will start crying if you touch her (she’s all bark, no bite)

Likes: Nature, scones, learning about other animals, adventuring, scarfs, showing off her thicc lion legs

Dislikes: Fire, showing her stomach and neck, cheating, every one of her fucking classmates (except that one hippogriff in the back, she’s cool… but the others should go to hell.)


    Going to the biggest cities and towns, gardening, sewing, studying other species


    Gilda - was and will always be mama’s taste-tester. Gilda has always encouraged Germa’s baking and love for adventure, and she sees so much of herself in Germa.

    Greta - taught Germa how to sew and tried to get the kid into fashion beyond just wearing it, but that was never Germa’s main passion. Despite, Greta is proud of her oldest

    Genevieve/Gen - Calls Gen every day and talks for hours. Germa was always right by Gen’s side before Germa left for school, and afterwards, she was right on call for her lil sis. Germa was the first creature Gen came out to as lesbian, and Germa always lent her ear when Gen began gushing about her girl crushes <3  

    Gordon - Sadly isn’t very close to her little brother but finds comfort knowing Gen and his mummies are there for him

    Groove - her lovely coltfriend she met adventuring the Crystal Empire. He’s very supportive of her dream to be a famous chef but sometimes gets pissed at her for being such a jealous Minty-Wingy-Griffy-Girly-Pretty-Baby-Boo


    Gilda always wanted to leave Griffonstone. She wasn’t sure if Greta would come with her, but once Gilda had gotten enough bits from her scone-selling business, she couldn’t want to leave. Greta didn’t need much convincing… epic adventure with her reevefriend? Who would say no

    Eventually, they found Las Pegasus and Greta fell in love with the stores and Gilda thought business would be good for selling biscuits, small cakes, and scones, considering the tourists. They settled down, bought a home, and made their lives.

    Germa was the first kiddo of good ole Gilda and Greta. For a long while, Greta and Gilda had been trying to adopt a kid until Rainbow visited Gilda and insisted that the lesbian couple go to Discord. Gilda was changed into a male griffon thanks to Discord’s abilities and FINALLY Greta got prego and had their precious bab.

    They brought lil Germa home and spoiled her rotten, giving her baking lessons, sewing lessons, ballet class, and everything. Eventually, they had to stop spoiling their daughter since bits were on a low for them. Luckily, Germa didn’t take it too hard and went on with her life

    Germa’s family were on the edge of their talons when Germa sent out her application letter to Canterlot’s Chef Academy at the age of twenty. Soon, she was accepted, packed up, and was on the move… the house felt strange without Germa, but, soon, the ones she left behind got used to seeing her empty room. 

    I chose the last name Grizelda for their family because that's what Lauren Faust's concept art called Gilda :p
Blackfoot Daisy

Characters from left to right; Benny Jupiter, Harpon Mars, and Maia (then named Ackley) Mercury.

    When Harpon, Benny, and Maia were young princes (pre-Maia’s transition into a girl), they played in a punk/rock/pop band called Blackfoot Daisy. Benny boy played the guitar/bass, Harpon, being blind, was placed as the lead singer, and Ackley did piano.

    They were very popular, serving as the only Star band back then. Harpon had a large series of girlfriends due to the band’s popularity, but he never did keep his girls for long. Benny and Ackley, on the other hand, were deeply in love with different people, even if those certain people didn’t seem to notice . . . so they never dated any of their fans.

    Harpon’s mummy Minerva was a big supporter of her son’s music <3 Benny’s father was busy, but made it to a few of their shows, and when he did, he screamed and danced and humiliated his poor shy boy  

    Ackley’s father wasn’t a very good dad and didn’t seem to understand Ackley’s feminine nature, and pushed Ackley away after he became a she

    But ye they all looked so damn emo jesus christ


:heart: revamp :heart: revamp :heart: revamp   Thanks for reading, flowers! :heart: revamp :heart: revamp :heart: revamp 


    Song quote of the day Dancing Pumkin head 4:

    𝔍𝔢𝔫𝔫𝔶 𝔤𝔯𝔢𝔴 𝔲𝔭


    𝐿𝒾𝓀𝑒 𝒶

    ̷B̷l̷a̷c̷k̷f̷o̷o̷t̷ ̷D̷a̷i̷s̷y̷ 

    Learn more about my Undaunted characters and universe; Undaunted



A Gem Christmas
"Oh, look, a mistletoe! You remember what those humans do with this, don't you?" 
"Uh, yeah--" 
"Well, if there's one above us, I think we are supposed to 'kiss' as humans call it." 
"O-oh! I-I mean, w-w don't have to if you don't-- ah!" 
My two favorite ST gems, Topaz and Aquamarine! I have a story where Topaz became interested in Earth customs after meeting Steven and Lars, and researched humans heavily, finding the most celebrated days and choosing to be apart of it. By what we saw in the episode, I found it strange that Aquamarine chose not to inform the Diamonds of Topaz's treachery, considering Aqua seems like the type that would want revenge for something as serve as what Topaz almost did. Because of this, I think that these two--three--have been on more missions together before we met them, and have a bond. I ship them dearly, even if Topaz is a fusion. Fusions can fall in love with somegem outside their fusion, can't they? Just like at Flourite! 
    So, in secret, my blue and yellow girls set up Christmas crap and got all dressed up for their private, secret, two-person Christmas party :3 
Aqua is holding her wand thingy and has frozen a mistletoe above their heads for an excuse to smooch Topaz <3 
    Merry (late) Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! Sorry for the late post, I just got a phone for Chistborn :)


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    Just a little link to the Google Docs version. You can save the uneditable file to your own Google Drive to read it when you're offline, since, at least with my devices, I can still access my Drive account when my wifi is down. Take note that some things featured in the FanFiction I posted on DA has edits counter to those in the original version, meaning that some meer sentences isn't in the Docs.   

Split Loyalties: Prophecy Of Five: Silhouette (A Warriors FanFiction)
Silhouette: Allegiances



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