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very stinky by gayspacer very stinky by gayspacer
ahhh so lemme explain this little dumb doodle:

so my friend decided to leave and walk around with my crush's friend so i stayed with crush while he played knock out and i stood on the side, close enough to be seen as if i was playing.
okay, then this kid, Shiv, is like oh cmon play and i said no.. welp, they pick me up rather roughly and place me in the front of the line, pushing me and stuff while my crush was behind me, i was like sinking backwards so i wasnt stood there and then the guys who just scored tossed the balls the people behind me(thankgod)

so shiv let me go and i stood again next to the line, but was holding my chest because wow, it hurt??? and like wtf i got man handled??? and my crush sorta just had the ball looking at me and i shook my head and then my friend and his friend came back..

idk i didnt like being handled that way especially when im not like besties with the guy let alone just identify him as an acquaintance rather than a friend???/ and like idk just felt really uncomfortable... and not having a binder made it more uncomf
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December 10, 2015
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