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No One Is Listening by gayspacer No One Is Listening by gayspacer
i lied... realized i didnt have to draw anyone, just color them in ...which as you can probbaly see was a mistake because i only had two (Karma and Joji) already ref'd and colors chosen??

meanwhile the other were ideas...but they're not bad because sorta goes with how emo the story is??

anywayssss,,, i only made these charcters to cope with how i felt with a guy named Ryan and how bad i took the L with that guy hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa;; so yeah that's really it..

at first tho it was just Ryan and Barnett and they were what i expressed through.. i still do?? bu t more Joji now
So, the whole story is of how Ryan summons his own "personal" demon, Barnett and they've gotta do almost everything they're told essentially.. Joji tags along just to make sure this.. "creep" doesn't take advantage of this?? and like just making sure their sibling is okay.. Karma, is just a good ol bean i use to use for venting but i added them to this as a bit of relief?? and like Joji also takes care of them as well because Ryan likes to bully them for being the shortest and shti.. Taye is just following around Ryan for no real reason but just because they like them?? and angered that they're not "used" like Barnett is.

Veyr fun (^: and that's been my coping process with everything that happened and i made it into a cute story and have made comics during my cosmetology school instead of work so yknow, very good.
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December 25, 2016
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