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Laundry by gayspacer Laundry by gayspacer
okay let me explain,,

so i was on tumblr and saw that binder post talking about a certain binder is bad (tbh tho, i have like 9 of them and theyre all good for me and stuff but whatever) and then i thought,oh shit im home alone,might as well clean them and my underwears??

so i check the time and don't really know when the mom come home, but i take my chances, so i reach for my little hiding spot for those things

i run down the stairs to go put it in the washer machine like a pro.

then put some music on very loud and style my hair and start to jam to some of them

then mom called saying she was coming home soon so i started to get really anxious about how much time was left for it to be done washing, then once it was done, i threw it really quickly into the dryer machine.

then once it was done, my mom was home by then,, so i just shoved it all into my shorts and dashed into my room,locking it and then neatly hiding everything once more until i use them all and have to repeat this process once more.

so fun to be a closeted transman hahaaaaaaaa.
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August 28, 2014
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