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[ IV ] The People's Buisiness


"Well, Naturally I would dislike my personal information getting out, but I honestly doubt the people will believe the integrity of this paper." Mars sat there, musing to himself as he read through the paper. He didn't even want to know how the information got into this writer's hands, but he frankly felt validated that he was being snooped on by some stranger. He didn’t particularly have any secrets that he needed to hide from the public, so he felt no pressure on himself. It was only the concept of being spied on that made him feel uncomfortable. Besides, as a newcomer he didn’t have a particularly strong reputation he needed to uphold. If he’s smeared too hard he could always skip town. Muttering quietly to himself in the near empty bar, he read the newspaper aloud.

"The yarn Marcello has was given to him by a Faerie Royal," Mars read the line with humor barely contained in his voice, snorting slightly as he did so. Idly rolling the thread between his fingers, he reread the line, "Yeah right, that'll be the day. When the Fae gift us anything." He almost wished he had kept in touch with his fellow changeling friends so they could appreciate the humor behind the lie. The Fae giving out gifts. It was hilarious.

"Marcello moved to Indieville to escape a hoard of... obsessed lovers," At that, a giggle burst forth from his throat, "Why, one can dream." He tried to imagine himself on the run from a "hoard of lovers," but he couldn't fathom the absurdity of the situation. Where does this People's Business come up with this nonsense. He laughs as he reads the next line, "This is so silly, What's the next one?"

He scanned the secret and a confused laugh came from his throat, this one sounding more pathetic than the other joyful chuckles, "Marcello killed people regularly until recently," The shock from reading the line drew his brows to furrow together, "Killed men? I never did that." The other two were clearly lies, so by process of elimination, this had to be the "Truth." It was impossible though, he never killed anyone. Before moving to Indieville he had an air of recklessness, but not to that extent. It hit him how loudly he was reading the newspaper, and he self-consciously looks around, "Well I guess you can't believe the paper nowadays, huh?" 

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