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Its fairly simple! If you want to join, please watch the group and click the "Join this Group"-button at the top of the group page :)

:) We're not stingy so just about everyone is guaranteed a spot ;P

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:bulletblue: For information, note Rep. me-pawel.
:bulletblue: For information, note Rep. Xannijn.

:bulletblue: For information note Rep. blackbunty
:bulletblue: For information note Rep. N-M-S-15

Sister Chats

Chat rooms that support #GayBiWorlds (the home chat for GayBiWorld group)

:bulletblue: #GayBiWorldAdults
:bulletblue: #CommunityRelations

1. Follow the dAmn Rules

Please be sure to follow the rules that are set by dAmn. If you are found to be in violation of
the rules then we reserve the right to report you. This includes not chatting about sexual
situations (cyber chat, rape, etc), and not chatting about drugs, the usage of drugs, discussing downloading illegal content, etc. You will be subject to a ban if seen doing any of the above.

2. Age

You must be 13 to join due to the Child Online Privacy Protection Act. If you are
found under the age of 13, you will be banned from GBW AND reported to dA Admins!
If you are found to be helping a person who is under the age of 13, you will be banned from

3. English Only Please!

We are an English ONLY chat-room. While there might be commonalities in other languages between users, GBW is not the place to explore or practice them. If you are found to be in violation of this rule, you will be asked by an MIT or Mod to take the talk to another room. If you continue to violate this rule you will be kicked and a third violation will result in a ban. The only exceptions are Hello and Goodbye in GBW.

**This means that you cannot post song lyrics that are written in foreign languages. If you do so, a kick will be issued**

The ONLY people who are allowed to speak in other languages are Mods and this may only be enforced IF there is a guest in the chat that does not understand English. Mods may use other languages but as a last resort.

4. NO Personal Information

Do NOT give out any personal information. This includes IM screen-names, last (family) names, the name of the town or city you live in, phone numbers, or anything of the sort. Any kind of personal info should be done within the context of a note. If you are found in violation of this rule you will be automatically kicked (there is NO warning for this). If you have multiple violations of this rule then you may be subject to a ban.

5. Trolling

Trolling is the act of cyber harassment and bullying. If you suspected of trolling, steps will be taken to verify. If you are found to be trolling the room, you will be automatically banned, no exceptions. Trolling is an unacceptable offense and cannot be appealed.

6. No Harassment

While you are chatting in GBW, please do NOT harass other users. For all intents and purposes, harassment is defined as the following:

*To disturb persistently; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually; pester; persecute.

*To trouble by repeated attacks, incursions, etc., as in war or hostilities; harry; raid

(found at, taken from unabridged dictionary).

If you are found in violation of this rule then you will be automatically kicked and/or banned depending on the severity of the harassment. This also includes bringing in drama from another room.

7. No Net/Text Speak

Text speak is defined as the following: "u, ur, r, y ru, rly, ttyl, ur g8, etc". You are NOT allowed to use text speak while chatting in GBW. You will be issued 1 warning if you are seen using text speak. If you use it a second time then you will be kicked. A third violation will result in a ban.

The only exceptions to the text speak rule is as following: lol, omg, lmao, brb, lmfao, wth, wtf, g2g, and any other net based acronyms because they are acronyms of expression and NOT just sentence based words.

So please remember that we'd like to be able to read and to understand what you are saying. If your English teacher makes you spell out all your words while you are in class then please do the same while you are in the chat.

8. No Spamming

Spam includes but is not limited to the following: elongated words, un-needed use of bolding (which also includes unnecessary bolding in away messages and as defined by the highest chat admin/operator at the time of bolding), mass caps, compound mass caps, repetitive posting, randomly tabbing people with links to things off of the website, and the usage of the /everyone command (if you have this ability), and a song lyric or joke breaks this rule, it is not an exception.

Examples of what IS ACCEPTED:

1. You may stretch letters and/or characters up to 4 times MAX for a single post. "Oooh! That is so cool!"

2. You may caps up to 4 words MAXIMUM in a single post: "OH MY FLIPPING HEAVENS!"

3. You may punctuate up to 4 of the same punctuation: "....", "!!!!", "????", etc.  

4. You may post up to 4 of the same word in consecutive order within a single sentence: "NO NO NO NO! I told you to put it there! Right over there! There there there! Good Lord!"

Moderators reserve the right to warn only once, kick after a second offense and ban a third time depending on the severity of the spamming. Mods also reserve the right to kick without warning or ban if you are found to be mass spamming.

We also do NOT allow mass spamming of avatars (AKA icons such as the :iconclappingplz: or any of the combination), or mass emote postings. If you are caught trying to post more than 2 icons in a 20 minute period, or posting more than 3 posts with just simply emotes in the message then you will be automatically kicked, and if you are warned multiple times then you could be subject to a ban for mass spamming.

9. Profanity

You are allowed to use profanity but not in excess. This is defined as the following:

1. Every other word in a sentence

2. More than 3 words in a single sentence or

3. The only word that is used in a sentence.

If a Mod sees you in violation of this rule, you will be automatically kicked from the room. A second offense of this rule will result in a ban from the chat.

10. Be Polite to Others

The old saying, "If you don't have nothing nice to say, then don't talk at all" can be applied in the room. If you are found to be rude, disrespectful or hateful towards another member of the chat, then you will be automatically kicked from the room. A second offense will result in a ban from GBW.

Also, if you are found being disrespectful to a mod because they warned you, asked you to do something, etc, you can be automatically banned from the room. Moderators are VOLUNTEERS for the room; they give their time to make sure that the room is moderated at all times, that there are no fights, etc. If you are banned for being disrespectful or any of the combinations towards a mod, this cannot be appealed.

11. NO Personal Matters

This chat is here for the enjoyment of all of its users. With this being said, if you have a personal issue/problem with a mod or another user, you can discuss the issue(s) privately with that person. We will not tolerate members instigating fights between users, being disruptive of other conversations, etc. We also will not tolerate members trying to get other members banned by lying about something that did/did not happen in the chats. If you are caught doing of the following above, you will automatically be banned without warning.

12. Sensitive Topics

Sex, rape, self harm, eating disorders, abortion, mental disorders, and suicide are very sensitive topics for some users. Members are ONLY allowed to discuss the legal issues or to share help with another user. No in-depth discussions about these topics will be allowed in the chat. If you are seen to be having a conversation with either topic as the main point, then you will be asked by a Mod to take the conversation to another room. If you still continue the conversation after being asked to take it elsewhere then you will be automatically kicked and placed in the Time-Out Section for 10 minutes.

Also, any jokes concerning the sensitive topics are NOT tolerated in this room. If you are caught by a Moderator joking about any of the subjects, you will be automatically kicked from the room. If you complain about the action or continue the jokes then you will be banned from the room.

A Moderator also reserves the right to kick without warning if the previous occurs in the chat.

13. Displaying Work

You may post your artwork or the artwork of others as a thumb only 3 times in an hour. If you post more than 3 thumbs in an hour you will be automatically kicked. If you are warned multiple times over a period of days then you will be banned for over-thumbing. This cannot be appealed.

This is not an artists room to get feedback or help on your work. If you are looking for any of that then are other rooms on the dAmn network that are designed specifically for that purpose in mind.

14. DO NOT Advertise

Advertising is defined as the following: linking a chat to no one in particular, linking multiple people (more than 3 people) to a chat or website and/or constantly asking people to go to your chat. If you are caught doing this then you will be warned once and then kicked. If you continue after the kick then you will be subjected to a ban. You can post up to 6 random links to no one in particular in a 30 minute period.

If you wish to advertise something to the chat, please ASK THE MODS BEFORE LINKING. Mods reserve the right to kick without notice if you are caught breaking the rule

15. Roleplaying

GBW in general allows a little Rp playing as long as it does not interrupt the flow of conversation with the rest of the chat, you are not rping to find “romance” or to find girlfriends/boyfriends, you are not trying to find someone to cyber with, etc. Roleplay is considered either long, extremely descriptive /me posts (i.e two lines or more), any sort of drawn out combat (more than four posts), or when the /me command is being used more frequently than the person using it is speaking. If the /me dominates a conversation or exchange between members, it is considered roleplay. If you are warned once for rping and you still continue to do it (even if you were only warned once a day each time you came into the room), the second time a moderator sees you rping, you will be automatically banned.

An example of what is allowed:

**Romaji snuggles and hugs robynsbrowneyes. 


Extensive Roleplaying: *Romaji strolls over to robynsbrowneyes, gives her a great big hug, stares into her eyes, giving her an evil smirk then starts to tickle her all over. “You will bow before my tickle master might!”  

Also, please do NOT ask people to RP in the chat. This is not an RP room; there are other chats that are dedicated to rps and rping with others. If you are caught by an moderator asking someone to rp you will placed in time out and told not to do it again; if you do it again, you will be subject to a ban and any other necessary actions.

16. Respect Everyone

Everyone has their own opinions and thoughts so we ask that you RESPECT EVERYONE even if you don’t like someone in the room. If you are found to be ridiculing anyone in a particular group, a group in general or just flat out being disrespectful to people, you will be automatically kicked. GBW prides itself on being a respectful place. If any member complains that you are being disrespectful or a mod sees you being hateful, you can be kicked without warning and if you are caught doing it again, you will be automatically banned. We do NOT tolerate hate in our chat or in our group in general. So please, if you are going to be a trolololol then take it elsewhere.

We do allow friendly debates to go on in the room but it should NEVER turn into an argument. If a moderator sees any party in an argument then they have every right to either warn first (if the argument hasn’t gone on for long) or to automatically kick if the argument has continued for awhile. If either party does not heed the warning after returning to the chat then they will be subjected to a kick (or a second kick), or be placed in the Time Out Section for ten minutes or as a last resort to be banned from the room.

17. Follow all instructions given by Chat Moderators

LISTEN TO ALL INSTRUCTIONS BY MODERATORS.  If we tell you to do something, we expect you to do it. If you ignore what we tell you, we reserve the right to kick and/or ban you from the room.

(If you have a question about something an MIT has instructed then you can ask any active higher level moderator for assistance or note Romaji or xMotherMoonx to explain what happened and they will be happy to assist you)

18. Do Not Use the Ignore commands on Moderators and vise versa

For the users that can use the /ignore command, you will NOT be allowed to ignore moderators in the chat under any circumstance. Should you do so, you will be automatically kicked without warning. Upon returning to the chat if the ignore has not been removed you will be muted and/or banned. To unmute you will need to send a note to that moderator explaining that yes you have removed the ignore on their username. If you do not send a note you will not be removed from the silenced section. If you send a note and do the same act again, you will be perma-banned. You will NOT have the chance to repeal this ban.

This also means that moderators cannot use the ignore command on any user in the room. They are there to watch all users.

19. One Warning Kick System

We employ the one warning then kick system. Unless previously stated in under rules, there will be only ONE WARNING ISSUED BEFORE KICK. If you are caught violating any rules further then you can be kicked or other steps can be taken as deemed necessary.

20. Time Out Section

If you are placed in this section then a moderator has caught you breaking a rule. The section has a cool down period of 10 minutes. If you leave before those 10 minutes are up then the timer will automatically reset when you come back into the room. This means that if you got mad and left the room in a quit-rage and come back in in a few minutes, you will still be in that section until you serve the time. If you never serve the time and continue to leave the chats, have your friends come into the room to harass moderators about why you have not be unsilenced then not only are you subject to a ban but those who are bothering moderators about why you have not been unsilenced are also subject to a ban.

21. Multiple Accounts

If you have alternative account and your main account has been banned from GBW, then your alternative account(s) will be banned as well. If you are banned on one account then you will be banned on all of them and the alternative accounts will be banned without a warning.

22. Retaining Chatroom Order

All mods and admins reserve the right to kick, silence and/or ban a user if they think they are purposely trying to cause problems in the chat by trolling, talking about illegal topics (which are the topics dA states are not allowed to be discussed) or anything we see or think would interfere with the chat environment.

23. This is not a Dating Chat

GBW is NOT a dating chat which means that if you come into the room asking for someone to date you then you will be automatically kicked and/or banned from the room. GBW is not the place to be looking for a relationship.

24. Do Not Harass Mods

Lately we have had issues with users harassing and following moderators into other chats asking for things to be posted in our chatroom topic. If you are following a moderator into another chat and asking them to post something in the topic even after they told you not to ask in the main room then you will be subject to being placed in the Time Out Section for the time period. Harassing mods to get something in the main room will not be tolerated.

25. No Back-door Modding

Mods are there to enforce the rules. It gets to be confusing for new members and members in general when a non-mod begins to mod while they are a member themselves. Mods are there to explain the rules, to help new members and to enforce the rules when a rule is broken. If you are caught back-door modding, then you are subject to one warning, then a kick and if it continues, you are subject to a ban.

Back seat Modding means the following: Attempting to enforce the rules upon other members and new members. Taking situations into your hands while a mod is attempting to mod and creating an argument due to it.

What to do if you spot a member breaking a rule? Notify your nearest mod.  

Hello everyone, Raye here. I thought I'd give you guys a small update about what's going on club wise.

I know that recently many of you have  submitted to the gallery so please be patient with me. I am the ONLY person nowadays that accepts and declines submissions. So when people submit work, it builds up and I double check out piece one by one in order to make sure it meets the guidelines. That means on top of taking care of a newborn son, I have to spend several hours double checking submissions.

From here on out, to help me out, I am changing it to where you can only submit two pieces of work in a week. This will be temporary but I am not for sure how long just yet. Right now I am trying to sort through the cluster of submissions that have been submitted and then deleted (to those who know they are doing this, please give me time to look through things; if you are deleting it after a bit because nothing's been done, that clogs up my inbox and takes me longer to go through submissions).

Also, if you submit your work to the wrong category, from here on out it will automatically be declined but you will receive a comment that tells you which gallery your work should be submitted to.
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