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Digital Grrwaffs by gavinwm Digital Grrwaffs by gavinwm
Looking back over my gallery today it made me think.

I have done most of the things I have aimed at. All off my own back.
What I can do now is somthing I used to dream about a year or so ago.
What I can't do Iv done with time and dedication.
What im trying to say is if you get down because you see somthing you like and can't do it dont give up PUSH HARDER
AND HARDER. You will get there but it takes time and hard work.
The most important thing is you love what you are doing other wise your just making a soulless image.

Thanks guys.
I hope you like the new wallpaper :) (Smile) .
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Daily Deviation

Given 2003-01-23
It's always great to see an up and coming artist display the glimpses of greatness you know they are destined for. For your desktopian pleasure, I present to you Digital Grrwaffs by gavinwm, a fresh, funky wallpaper that sits just nicely on anyone's desktop. It's a slick piece, add this guy to artist watch because he is going places! (Selected by +ekud) ( Featured by ekud )
rdx86 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2005
Haha...this wallpaper reminds me a lot of the movie Donnie Darko and its website =P.
Great work :)
GabyCoutino Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
ev4n Featured By Owner May 23, 2005
looks like the jet engines that i made in bryce when i wasnt really into digital art... just foolin around.
I like this :D
resound Featured By Owner May 20, 2005   Digital Artist
bouyiro Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2005
why those damn hearts? Everything else rules, but those hearts suck like hell!!!!
narc3 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2004
The hearts. makes all the difference. Good work!
mrfeelnothing Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2004   General Artist
I love it. Most importantly, I appreciate what you have said in your description. Thank you.
ana7h3ma7iz3 Featured By Owner May 30, 2004
nice work.
SunSunich Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
Very St. Valentine-like. Mechanics lift spirit. Thanx.
diesirae Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2003  Student
was this possibly inspired by [link] ?
brunnolou Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2003
codyrowe Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2003
very nice and smooth, love it :)
demoshane Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2003
Love this piece a lot
mahavidya Featured By Owner May 25, 2003
Dedicated artists like yourself are the reason I joined Deviant Art. Thankyou, and keep on with the hard work.
met4m0rphosis Featured By Owner May 10, 2003
i agree with ur comment.. never give up :) (Smile)
agoni Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
Great....i like very much ;-) (Wink)
parash Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2003
damn awesome work ... hell yes
Zlatty Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2003  Professional Photographer
Wow this is so crazy ... its like a jet engine madness piece .... very nice work I must say !
deviant-terrace Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2003
i like how air plane engines and hearts having nothing to do with each other, unless you work on airplane engines and love it, yet this breaks all boundries. I bet you could make 2 total opposite images look seemless.
imperat0r Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2003
its great work :) (Smile) awesome and +fav
quadrant Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2003   Digital Artist
im such a noob.
quadrant Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2003   Digital Artist
a big "screw you" is dedicated to those "homosexuals" who think that this is "gay" can also lick my "testicles". this rawks aye.. BRILLIANT JOB mWuahah!!1
slowmotion Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2003
nice work
neon1024 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2003
Kewl Clap w00t!
t-k Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
This will sit on my desktop for long time ;) (Wink)
blastafuzix Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
Whazaap man, this looks like airplane turbines id suggest using some curves adjustment layers to add contrast to the models. The details look like there coming from different perspectives, Keep on pumping out the images, Later! :D (Big Grin)
prosui Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Love your words, love this piece, you're awesome man :) (Smile)
arpad Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
first class fav
sonicfusion Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003   Digital Artist
Heh, gotta relate to your description there... I absolutely suck at digital art... but when I create something I personally like, the feeling is like no other in the world... so yeah, kudos on that.

The piece itself is also very good, quite different what other things I've seen. So... good work! and +fav
bewbaloo Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
:venox said: "right now you just have some plain red typography over top of some randomish render."

lol, what do you think abstract art is, genius?
neroshark Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Kick Ass Artwork! What Software did you use?
push- Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
awwwwww this is sweet,

on my desktop it goes !

awesome design, color and artistic feel
nill Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Very beautiful, love the contrasts of colors and the ammount of detail involved in this creation. Very emotionally expressive as well..
kali1900 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
the title donnie darko also popped into my head.

love it, wether it was inspired by DD or not.
wakizashi Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
nice i like the 3d turbine like things, the reflection and material on them is well done as well. The vector work is nicely done too. I love this image its put together well too. Nice job +Fav
Kevin Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
now ill leave some suggestions that i myself think would be good for this peice, to make it better

1) dont use default materials, they are very easily noticed and although sometimes can be used effectively most of the time they give a very amature look to soemthing.

2) i think you should work on the conposition as a whole, make sure that those rockets and the hearts and type compliment each other, right now you just have some plain red typography over top of some randomish render. Id suggest using the typo to help add even more depth to the peice. I see that youve tried doing that in a few places, but its not very effective.

3) this is just too minimalistic, especially when it is the same thing repeated over again, id suggest doing more work in the background of the image

4) i kinda like the pixel repeat you did at the top, some more of that as part of the background of the image might help pull it together more.

5) although it does have a nice sense of depth i feel it could be much better, considering some new lighting on the render itself, usually as something gets smaller and further away it becomes darker, this is a very consistent color the entire way back.

Anyway, i just didnt wanna pelt you with my previous comment without giving you at least some suggestions that in my opinion would make it better :) (Smile) I hope you take this a constructive critisizm and not me ripping on your work, because thats just not the case. Good luck, and keep working man!!!

:) (Smile)
ryborg Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
I like the jet engines and the red, but I don't like the reflections or the hearts. I wish I had something more constructive to say, but I'm so tired right now I am about to collapse at my keyboard.
Kevin Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
Im gonna have to agree on the DD thing, I personally dont think this is DD material, however im not gonna go on a rant about that, because quite frankly thats not your fault for getting a DD (congrats on getting one though)

Now I will give my 2 cents about the art itself:

1) I think the composition is serverely lacking in technical skill, it is the same exact model, which is very very simple to make in bryce, repeated 300 times and then rotated to add perspective.....

2) that typography, the hearts and all of that is just very amature looking, im not saying that I myself am good at typo, because quite frankly I suck at it... but I can recognize the goods when I see them and this is not it..

3) you used a default bryce metal material, that gives it a really cheap look and feel.

I am not one of those people who rips on bryce, because personally ive seen some of the greatest artwork come from bryce, but those works did not use default models and materials, they were very innovative and had style, which in my humble opinion this lacks.

This is nothing personal, i just felt compelled to give my thoughts on this after seeing this as the DD.

Congrats on recieving the DD however :) (Smile)

publius Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Looks nice but... I don't think its complete. It reminds me a lot of another person's work who used almost the same model.

Anyway, gj....
jimmerz28 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Awesome design. Trendy, I love the white clean cut look, with the red, somehow it just does something for me. The mix of unusual objects is great, nice story how it was name btw, good times. The reflections are great, and the heart's design is sweet, and personaly I think that the pixelation adds a great deal to the work, I like how it flows from the end of one engine to the back of the other and doesn't continue, that was a nice touch. Great work, I can't wait to see more. A def +fav Nod
pogotribal Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
i'm not exactly sure where you were trying to go with this image. it's not that the elements aren't well done, they're just badly composed, and the perspective changes in combination with the shoddy brushwork is awful. i gotta agree with some of the constructive criticism given on this piece. but by all means, keep working on it and prove to us that you have your own style somewhere in there
zedekiah Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
hey men, why donīt you make the hearts to look like red bubbles? It would be something!!!
soltek Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003   Interface Designer



skyfire Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
i retract my designers republic comment. you used a design straight from the DR...also, what the heck is the deal with that little giraffe drawing??
skyfire Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
well.. not totall deserving of the dd at all but anyways...

i must agree with the lack of originality. it looks like you picked up the Digital Vision 'infinity' catalog and ripped off a bunch of Young's and Cina's vector work, and some random bryce shapes. the quality of the composition is nothing to brag about either. i realize your influences, and i think that is becoming the problem. you need to develop a personal style, and this is rather cliche.

you've got an eye for design and i think you could do some amazing things...just start spending a little more time making things your own...

as for the person who said looks like designers republic stuff....well, i dont think you know what you're talking about.
exile-7 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
News Flash: Trendy sucks ass
e-scope00 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Weee, pretty nice dude.
mitortilla Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
cool, i love airplane themes but this one the engines and the way they're placed rulez
zinux Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
Oh crap i just saw that this was also a dd not just a Daily Top "Favorites" Addition
me/ waits for a note
tg1j Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2003
pretty sweet picture!! i like it alot!
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