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A new personal piece , inspired by a mission in the Witcher 3.

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well deserved DD
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At first it looked real but when I looked closely it was art, and I was amazed! :3 Good work
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So awsome! Thoses colors are just wonderful! How long does it take to make a piece like this one?
Kplmr's avatar
this is just wonderful, amazing job really, the colors and details are great!
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PuzzleCubesNick's avatar
Phenomenal quality!
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If I had to use one word to describe this peice: Beautiful
Juuria66's avatar
This is jaw-droppingly beautiful. The colours, the composition, they all draw you in and inspire such a feeling of awe and mystical whimsy. I love it!!
Tiiramasu's avatar
Damn, serious talent. Great job.
Kyouta-Chan's avatar
Extremely beautiful! Doge 
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I clicked on this just because I looked at it and thought "That looks like that mission in Witcher 3" And then I read the description and I was so surprised that i was right! It looks awesome BTW
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Love your use of colour! 😍
CuiedanAlina's avatar
I hope you're proud of yourself human, because this is just amazing!
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gorgeous creation and colors :)
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HA! i was about to say it looks like that scene in witcher but very purple and cool! ha!
well done!!
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Make a story about why the ship is up there!?!?
FurryGirlSylvy45's avatar
Wow! Awesome! But how did that ship get all the way up there!? XD o.O
In the game (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt) the ship was teleported there by a djinn. I'm sure the artist has their own explanation for this piece though.
VashTheReaper's avatar
the lighting is great
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