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Hey guys,

I need to build a website for my video and photography portfolio, so I headed over to "".

I found an awesome Parallax website template here:…
(You can hit "Live Preview") to have a look.

I am proficient at Photoshop, have a little bit of knowledge of dreamweaver, very basic knowledge of HTML, and I don't even know what CSS is :P

Will I still be able to edit this theme and create a website with it?

Better still, is there anyone here willing to help out a fellow deviant get started with his first website?
Anyone who thinks they could help out even a little bit that would be awesome. Let me know and we can IM on skype or something.
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Hey Guys!

I'm back from my trip to New York and Orlando!
I also finished Year 12 just before that!

I'm wondering would you rather I pick a couple of good wallpapers from my trip and upload them for you guys (2 or 3)...or would you prefer I upload a larger range of my best photographs into wallpapers (around 10).

I want to know if you guys would prefer to have a wider selection? :)

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Hey Guys,

Please help me out here.

I make wallpapers, as most of you know, and in my wallpaper packages I include a iPad size wallpaper.  I don't own an iPad, so I can't test, but what shape must I make the walls?  Portrait?  Landscape?  Is 768x1024 the right size?  And what happens when the screen is rotated?  Does the wallpaper crop? or fit to screen?

Help me, help you, help your iPad, use my wallpapers :P

Thanks for any assistance
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Hello Everyone.

You may have noticed, that today I uploaded a decent amount of new walls.

I'd be happy to upload more, but the workflow I have for turning them into walls is a little slow, and the output .zip file for each wall I generate can be in excess of 15mb!!

I share each wall in 4:3 (1600 x 1200), 16:9 (1920 x 1080) , 16:10 (2560 x 1600), FullRes (by far the largest file size with dimensions of 5184 × 3456), and I also share an iPhone 4 and iPad size.

Do you think I should keep sharing them all at such range?  Or are there some sizes in there that I should exclude for the sake of a large .zip file?

Thanks for your input, and here are the links to my latest shared walls:


Pollination Time:


Shades of Green:

And anyone with any ideas how I can get a little more attention to these, so more people can enjoy them, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!

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Hello all!

So, Simple question, how big is your wallpaper collection or library, if you have one?

To start, mine I've been building over a about 3 years.  I'm very strict with it, and only choose shots that I really like and are available in 1080p or higher, which makes it even worse that there are 883 walls in there, a total of 2.04 GB!

My wallpaper of the moment, is:…
Doesn't seem like I can give you a preview in here, but it is absolutely breathtaking, especially the dual screen version.  It will most definitely come up in my next Screenshot - out soon.  Please check it out, I highly recommend it.

And Happy April fools day guys.
Unfortunately, it seems as though my attempt at a competition has completely failed.  I wanted to see if someone could create me an avatar, but the only responses that I got were compliments as to how neat my current avatar was.

I guess I'll have to call that a win then?

Thanks guys all the same.

**37 Watchers and counting...and I know 37 highly tasteful and awesome deviantArt members... What a coincidence!!!
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Hello All!

As of this entry I've hit 34 Watchers! I'm incredibly grateful to every single one of you!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart guys! :D

Now, onto the matter at hand.  As you may or may not have noticed, I've just created and set myself a new Avatar, changed from the photograph of me.  I don't know about you, but I don't think my new one even comes close to the high standard of avatars that you guys have!

I'm asking for people to whip something up for me, as a new avatar.  Anything I can do in return for the "winner", and anybody else that enters, will be done as per their request.

Main requirements are as follows:

Includes Editor02 or ED2 or something like that ( we can discuss)
Readable (obviously!)
Stands Out
Looks Cool

And thats about it.

Good Luck!
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Attention all you people smarter than me (addressing a wide audience).

I'm not at all familiar with the "Dragthing" application which makes additional docks for your mac.

As you can see in my latest SS: Feb2011 - If I Like It I Do It I have these 32px links (or shortcuts, aliases) to frequently used folders on my mac.

Anyone able to help me put them into dragthing so they can be docked to the side, and only shown when needed (on mouseover).  I don't want anything fancy, for them to look basically how they look right now, just in a dock.

For some reason, dragging them into a dragthing dock, doesn't use the alias, it uses the folder they are linked to - meaning the normal folder icon shows up, not my cool little 32px icon.

Any help would be absolutely awesome. Thanks