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The Corner Ribbon

- The Corner Ribbon -

Version 2 to my "Corner Bookmark" [link]

The first version was thrown together rather quickly, so I spent much more time on this newer version.

To start, I used a higher quality source file for my design which a link to can be found in the download. I also have provided a .PSD for simple modding, and colour changing if red isn't your style.

There are several different menubar icons included; Apple logo, heart, ying-yang, stars, editable text, and a power icon. Again, with the included .PSD it is simple to add your own.

On top of that, for those not fully experienced with customisation, there is a really short and simple guide/video on how to add the Corner Ribbon, and how to get the "mnml" traffic lights.

Wallpaper used in all the previews is "Blue Skies" by Fiftyfootshadows @ [link]
It is included in the download.

Hope you all enjoy, and if you do, be sure to favourite and leave a comment down below. Thanks!

:icondanieliop: And if you are on windows? No need to Fear, ~danieliop is here! Now this is available as a skin for Rainmeter on a PC: [link]
© 2011 - 2021 GavinAsh
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This is great, nicely done! Thank you! (:
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any different colour
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All the .psd files are included for you to extremely easily change the colours :)
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Great work! :D

In the "In Action" preview that comes in the Corner Ribbon folder, I was wondering what icons you were using on the bottom left of your desktop? :]
I would love it, but it covers the exit button on my windows, and I am a perfectionist.
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Yeah, that depends on the size of the screen a bit. That was my issue with it too :P
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Loving the wifi signal bars - source please?

Nice job on the ribbon - reading back and seeing its function, it's a neat replacement, but I don't use geektool.
So Cool :)
Can you tell me the name of font used for "The"?
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So sorry buddy. Its a font that you need to buy :/
[link] - Made by House Industries, Its called House A Rama - League Night
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excellent idea!! :nod:
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how do you install this?
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Geektool, instructions available in the downnload :)
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thanks! awesome mod!
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No worries :) Enjoy man!
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i wish the ribbons were a little bit bigger. They look quite small on my desktop =(
GavinAsh's avatar
I know what you mean. Do you have one of those large displays? Normally I'd offer to whip up a larger one, but with no reference to scale by, and little to no time on my hands, it may be difficult :S
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What's the font used for "Corner Ribbon" in the preview?
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Big Noodle Titling - [link]
lilmizzy890's avatar
Awesome,love it!
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