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Sean Connery

Sean Connery,
Acrylic on Canvas,
November 2012
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The best James Bond ever. And the best movie I love with him in it: The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman. :)

The world has lost a great man. Rest in peace, Sir Sean Connery.

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Rest In Peace

Sean Connery


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His movies sucked.

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That's too bad you think that way. It's bad to speak ill of the dead.

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why do you keep being toxic

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Just saying how overrated he is.

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thats george w bush

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It is Herbert Walker, ain't it?

great tribute to Great Sir Sean Connery..........


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You are mistaken.

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I feel that Sean Connery is best represented by this quote from an interview with him.

“I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a woman, although I don’t recommend doing it in the same way that you’d hit a man.” He added that an “openedhanded slap” is “justified” if “all other alternatives fail and there has been plenty of warning,” and further said, “If a woman is a bitch, or hysterical, or bloody-minded continually, then I’d do it.”

So, good riddance, he had it coming.

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You will be missed Mr. Bond and Draco.

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:-) BestoftheBest 007 magic work :-)

Farewell, Sean Connery.

You will be missed by all of us. May God rest your soul.

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Perhaps to you, but not to others.

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This man was a legend and he will not be forgotten.

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RIP Sean.

You will always be one of the greats.

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I thought he was indestructible.

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