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1280x1024 px version of Internauta2000's great work [link] with some modifications and french translation.

For other languages, you'll have to edit the .ini file.

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C'est exactement ce que je cherchais ! J'avais trouvé la version originale en espagnol et étant donné que je ne me suis jamais mis aux modifs de rainmeter j'avais vraiment du mal. Mais là c'est le top ! Merci ;)

First Thanks for this nice job that you have make it.
Keep it up !!!!

2.I have Problems with the Weather it did not show me the information about the Weather. the panel is clean it show me only the text.

Humidite Vent Presion ......

In the .ini file i have chaned every thing but it did not show me the weather only when i move the mouse on the rss icon it show me the weather of the next three days, when i remove the mouse from the rss icon the same problem it did not show me the weather of today!

Can you help me please!

Thanks for your help in advance.

Teach me, i have a 1440x900 desktop, and i have no idea of how to resize it, can you tell me plz ?
Any chance we could see and English version of this? It looks awesome.

If not, how do I remove the RSS part of the bar and move the resources section upwards, leaving the blank space behind?

So it would something like...

<Space left by RSS>
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Hello :)

Best way to remove a part of this sidebar is to use this [link] and place the parts any where you want.

I know there is some english releases on Internauta2000's Deviant (you'll find it in my favorites), and I can help you to edit some details if you need
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c'est mechant bravo
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Lol I mean 1280x800...if someone wants to have it...
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Thanks Gavatx I did it and I translated Internauta's version for my PC and yours for laptoptop to english. So I have 1290 and 1600 english version. Thanks one more time...
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Glad you get what you want :)
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Good job...Question-how to edit weather-temp area and BBC to something else...english version? resolution1920X1200? Thanx
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Hi, thanks for your comment.

For your screen resolution, you'll better use Internauta2000's one [link]

To change weather location, you have to edit the .ini file and replace URL, URL2 and URL3 (in the beginning of the file). The simplest is to copy url in your internet browser, and find on the website the city you want.

To change RSS feed, you have to replace URL4 to 7 with the address you want to see, and replace the both icons (in the folder of the skin) with favicons of the website you choose.

No english version for the moment, but I'm thinking about make it...
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How did you get "Windows Vista" to show up at the top? I wanna change mine from XP to Vista so i can fool all my friends lol
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Two ways for that :

1 : install windows vista ;)

or 2 : in the meter [MeterOS], simply add : Text="Windows Vista"
please make english version
making english version is very difficult
works for xp?
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Yes, with the software "Rainmeter"
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super boulot,Gavatx;chapeau bas
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